Family Interview on Marriage

We talked about advice for people getting married and future families, her hopes for me, and our Catholic faith.

I Do Believe
January 16, 2020 App Interview

Amidst Thanksgiving preparations of 2019, Linda Pfeffer speaks with her grandson, Nico Joel, while his mother talks about teriyaki chicken in the background. Linda shares about her relationship with God, Catholicism, and spirituality in general that resonates with Nico as...

Interview with my Mom

I talked with my mom about a variety of things; mainly about the places she's traveled and what she learned from those experiences

Interviewing my mom
November 22, 2020 App Interview

We were talking about her past, my present, and the future.

Stories and Words of Wisdom from my Dad
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This recording is about my dad, tales from his childhood, tales from his adulthood, and his philosophies.

Interview with Grandmother.

I had the opportunity to interview my 91 year old grandmother. Here is our conversation.

Bernie hays

We talked about Bernie hay’s life, and his advice to young people.

Interview with Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson
November 21, 2017 App Interview

Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson talks about his career as a martial arts teacher and how it has influenced him.

My mom tells me things about my family that I didn’t know about.

We talked a lot about traditions and games. And my mom gave a lot of advice to the future generations to come who watch this.

Mark Lukasiewicz

Chris Cox (37) talks with Mark Lukasiewicz (29) about his life experiences and the wisdom he would like to pass on to future generations.

Jamie Citerin and Laura McInturf

Jamie Citerin talks with her mother (64) about her life from growing up in Elkhart Indiana to family history, to being a young mother in the 1970's, from her faith to historical events that she has witnessed/experienced.

A Mom’s Wisdom

A twenty minute interview mainly dealing with a stereotypical yoga mom’s wisdom.

Grandma Helen Gettemy

A pre-thanksgiving conversation about life’s poignant moments

My Dear Aunt Mary

My aunt has been through many trials and continues to come out strong. I am thankful she is a part of my life.

Mohammad Ashraf Faridi & Muhammad Faridi

Mohammad Ashraf Faridi immigrated from Pakistan to the United States in the 1980s. He settled in New York City, and his family joined him almost a decade later. By then, Mohammad was earning a living driving a cab. At StoryCorps,...

Insight Into the Life of Jim Riemersma

On November 25, 2017 at my grandpa, Jim Riemersma’s house, I learned some new details about him and the life he has lived. Between his wife and kids, service in the army, and his life of spirituality, we gain insight...

Asking truthbombs of Creasbaum

An interview with Donald Creasbaum, a french teacher.