Common Assignment

What is the definition of work?

Melissa interview

I interviewed Melissa Daniels who is in her mid 30s. She is one of my coworkers in the manufacturing business. We discussed her life and advice she would like to give.

Grandma Wieberg

Phillis Wieberg is a city girl from St. Louis, Missouri who married into a family of farmers in Freeburg, Missouri. In this interview she talks about what her childhood was like, how she met her husband, why she chose her...

Interview with Earl Tennerman

Earl Tennnerman and I talked about his life from when he was born until now.

My Uncle

We talked about family and friends, work and religion. We dove into thoughts and personalities.

English Thanksgiving Interview

Talked to Grandpa about his early life, family life, and love life.

An Interview with Nana

This is an interview with my grandmother also known as Nana. We talk about her life moving from Canada to the United States, raising children, how much life has changed, and what she hopes for the future.

Richard Gray / Jeff Gray

A story about the life and experience of a man about to turn 83 year old.

Trista James, Tanya James, & Michelle Paugh

"If you don’t fight for yourself, ain’t nobody gonna do it for you." Tanya James was 17 years old when her father died in 1978. His death left her and her mother, Beryle Hanlin, struggling financially. So they did what...

Percy White III & Terry Wright

In the early 1960s, Percy White III lived on a farm in Dinwiddie County, Virginia with his grandparents, his parents, and his two sisters. The house had no electricity and no running water. To get water, Percy’s family had to...

Fleisher Interview

Informational interview with my dad about his work and advice he has for graduate students.

‘Excitement Often Means Danger’: A Mother And Son Remember Life On The Fire Line
September 13, 2019 App Interview

Connie Mehmel was a young mother when she started fighting wildfires in Washington state, in the late 1970s. Her son, Ian, would eventually follow in her footsteps. After 42 years working for the Forest Service, Connie retired in September of...

Avery Bennett Interviewing Adrian Bennett on 11/28/2021

We talked about my moms work and what is was like growing up

Interview with Mom

I talked with my mom about her childhood and adult life. She talked about striving to create a work life balance and how education shaped her life.

How it feels to be a black woman

This interview is a summary of Cherrie Anderson’s opinions thoughts feelings dreams and desires as a black woman in the 2000s.