Linda A Strom

Linda spoke about her life, growing up in Milwaukee, the influential people who had an impact on her, work, marriage and having children.

Interview with Helen about her current job and what she plans to do for her career in the coming year

During the interview with Helen we talked about her current career and how she feels about it and what she plans to do in the future.

How childhood has changed our parents

My mom grew up rough so how she grew has changed how she views the world and how she takes on working in the public

"I feel I am doing in my life what I need to do to help other people"

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019, Anna Deems interviews her aunt Janet Poerschke. Janet talks about her childhood growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania with a large family. She shares many stories from her youth, her favorite travel memories...

FLE 400

I conducted a interview with Alex Mays. We discussed about several different topics, such as life, friends, and work.

Thanksgiving Listen

My grandfather talks about his favorite things about thanksgiving and his greatest accomplishments

Interview with my Dad

In this interview I talked to my dad, Randy Ableman.


I was able to conduct an interview with my dad which allowed me to gain more knowledge about what he did for a living and how he liked his job

Interview with father about childhood and growing up

Interview with father about growing up in a small town, school, and parenting

Mama looks back on the loom business

My great grandmother mama talks about how the family loom got started up, and about her husband David Calvin Kline

Interview with my father

We talked about his early life, the major events he experienced and how it affected his personal life, and important lessons he’s learned

Working in Japan and America

Story of how my dad worked in two different countries and his experiences working in those two countries.

My grandmother’s life

I talked with my grandmother about her life growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with 6 siblings. She reflected on her life as a child and teen, remembering her family’s love of music, storytelling, and funny sayings, that she described as...

Interviewing Mrs. Johnson

I got to know more about Ms. Johnson’s life and why she’s so passionate about what she does.

Dad and me

In this interview that took place in Chicago,Illinois. Pilsen (mon Nov 27,2017). Johnny Gaytan (16) interviews his dad Dario Gaytan about his childhood and teenage years and how they affected his life now and what he would have done differently...