Alison Becker – The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Discussed what life was like growing up, the importance of education as an adult, military service, and important lessons learned in life.

Interviewing My Mother

Interview with my mother about who has influenced her life, family history, and her work history and experiences.

Lorelei Ray Interview

Childhood, work experiences, funny stories, and life lessons.

Let’s talk about Madalyn

We had a talk about her life and things she is passionate about.

The Legacy of My Father, Juan Solano

In this interview, Dante Solano talks with his father about everything he has gone through in his life. This includes his childhood experiences, how he met his wife, and his experience in working for a long time. It all ends...

Interview with my Mom (School Assignment)

In this interview, I asked questions to my mom about many things. I asked her about her childhood and school, how she met her husband, her job, and other important stuff as well. My mom talked about how my dad...

Elizabeth and Martha

We talked about what jobs she has done before and what career she would pick right now if she could pick one.