Grant Erickson, Beverly Brook, Christy Hightower, , and

Grant Erickson, who had his 95th birthday ten days before telling this story, talks with Beverly Brook and Christy Hightower about the highlights of his life. He was one of eleven children, and grew up on a series of farms...

Seymour “Sy” Reitman tells the story of his World War II experience in the battle of “The Bridge at Remagen", Germany.

In March of 1945 Remagen was the last bridge standing across the Rhine, all the others having been destroyed by German forces. A pivotal World War II event, the battle to protect the bridge from destruction by German forces allowed...

Life During World War 2

The struggle and trials during WW2 as an young boy in Holland.

When the Japanese Came to the Philippines

During World War 2, my grandfather and his family was captured by Japanese soldiers. They did not cause any harm, however, they brought them to a Japanese school.

A Little Piece of History

A grandparent’s penpal in England during WWII and the generations of family that have kept in touch. And a junior high social studies teacher that instilled life lessons like how to take notes, public speaking skills, and to travel the...

A Great Grandmother story

This interview reflects on the past of Leola Halls childhood in Arkansas. She explains how the past were during discriminated schools and the WW2. Leola also states how she picked cotton as a child an most importantly states how it...

Oma Interview
November 5, 2021 App Interview

I (Ella) interview my grandma about her childhood, memories of World War II, my mother and uncle, and a little about me.

Thanksgiving Listen with Tatum and Kathleen Nyhuis

In this interview I, Tatum talk with my grandma about everything from her scholarships to college to her experience having breast cancer as a young mother.

Interview with Charles D. Carpenter, Jr.
November 25, 2018 App Interview

An interview with Charles D. Carpenter, my grandfather, who was born in 1943 and raised in Michigan, Tennessee.

The Truths of Bertille Terri Schantz

I interviewed my biggest role model and mother, Terri Schantz. Terri grew up in democratic rural Iowa with a politically active and very republican mother and a father who was a world war 2 veteran. She learned and abided by...

Joe Marra and Landon Reid

One Small Step conversation partners Joe Marra (57) and Landon Reid (50) talk about how important their parents were to their development, the joys of both having a 5 year old and how to make some politics a win-win situation.

My Great Grandfathers experience in World War 2

My mother talks about my great grandfathers experience in WW2 and how it affects her to this day.

World War Two in the eyes of Anne Marie Pickard

My grandmother describes her encounters with the war that started right as she turned 6 years old

Life interview

This interview is a look in my grandfathers life growing up in a small town.

Daniel McCarthy and Fred McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy: 2020-11-22 23:51:43, Fred McCarthy talks to his grandson about his parents lives as well as his own