RVM James Rockwell
September 6, 2017 App Interview

American civilians in the Philippines in WW II. Japanese occupation and American liberation of the Phillipines in WW II

Fred Henderson

Fred (almost 97, still serves as a greeter at church every Sunday) shares memories of Atlanta/Chamblee area, WW II in the Navy, farming, family, church, and owning an independent business.

Our Paternal Uncles: Ed, Leon & Milton Wynn

This is an interview about our paternal uncles; Ed, Leon and Milton Wynn. It includes their military history and a little about their respective families. Ed was the oldest and lived his adult life in Texas and in Hawaii. He...


Jim Hitch, age 94 of Evansville, Indiana tells about how his High School raised money to build a P47 during WWII

A chat with my 93 year old granddad Bob

We talked about my granddad’s childhood in Ohio, his time in the Navy and working for Ma Bell in California

Enemy Alien # 1098

Gord Breedyk interviews Evelyn Voigt, a member of the Board of Directors of Civilian Peace Service Canada (CPSC). Evelyn was born in a prisoner of war camp in what is now Zimbabwe to German parents who were forcefully removed from...

Grandma Fewins

Joan Fewins talking about her family in early Richmond CA, a little about WW 2