Persia Gratitude Shreffler

I talked with my dad about many different topics. I love my dad because he is always there for me and has always supported me.

Tea time with Mami

The life and experiences of Doris Debs-Gomez

Aria interviews Dory

Aria, 12 interviews her grandmother, who she calls Dory.

Who did you become

We talked about her childhood, when she became a mother, and what kind of mother she thought she was.


Viola grew up in the Middle East and I migrated to America.

Tyohn’s Mother

I asked my mother some questions

Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my mothers life and her experience.

Rodriguez Family

Two younger brothers and their life as young kids and how they grew up

John Fallon

Military life, personal experiences, and working life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom over Thanksgiving break. I asked her questions on her early childhood, her marriage and husband, and her favorite holidays.

Grandma Alice Interview

Talks about childhood. Shares good memories

Interviewing my dad

I mainly talked to my dad about his childhood and dream jobs, houses etc. but throughout this interview I️ learned a lot about him and what I should do in the future or right now.

Biology Interview

We talked about her childhood and present life.

Mom talks about her ancestors and early life, 11/24/2017

A conversation with my mother about her ancestors and early childhood, and about what she hopes her legacy will be.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- 2018

We talked about childhood memories, life lessons, and marriage.

Nikita Hartzheim and her grandfather Greg Kraft talk about his childhood and military experience.

In this interview conducted November 25, 2018 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Nikita Hartzheim(14) interviews her pappa, Greg Kraft(73) about his life including his childhood, marriage and his time in the navy. Mr.Kraft talks about how he remembers the air aids of...