Story Corps with My Momma

Just an overview of some questions I had with my momma.

Interview with my dad part 2

In this video my dad had the chance to talk about his life and his toughest times and how being in a new country was like or how he had so many memories in Mexico

Thanksgiving Interview

I talked about his time in another country.

The Great Listen 2019 Kyliegh Wolfe

An interview with my Grandma Weezie about her life, and how she lived.

Family interview
December 1, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing my dad about what his childhood was like.

Interview with Grandpa Harper

My grandfather answers some of my interview questions about military life and more.

my mother lol

I spoke with my mom about her favorite moments in life.

Interview my dad

Learning about my dad’s childhood and how it felt to have a sibling.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Hannah Kim

This is an interview with my mom about her childhood.

Baseera Durrani’s Early Life

Baseera Durrani reflecting back on her early life (as a child and teenager), and how there is a difference in the kids now.

Interview with Mother

In this interview the questions were mostly talking about how my mother’s childhood was.

Assignment 2

My friend Fin tells me her favorite memories from her childhood.

Interview with Matthew Jenkins

as we tune in with Matthew Jenkins, we learn more about his childhood and his life lessons

Interviewing my aunt 2019

My aunt Yami was discussing some of her childhood and what she does today.

Grandma’s Childhood

I asked my grandmother about her childhood and life.

Alex Hernandez Interviews Elaine Kyle About Her Childhood At Colorado Springs

When I interviewed Elaine Kyle, we talked about her childhood and how different it was than how it was today. She talked about her parents and how she grew up. She also contexted that it she remembered the days of...

Hannah Loethen Interview

I interviewed my younger sister just a about life and different aspects of her childhood.

1976 American Bicentennial Celebrations, Tom Ott, Shay Ott

i talked to my father about the American Bicentennial Celebrations