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Marie Gross – June 30, 2019

This was a nice talk. Mom was a little apprehensive at first because she’s not much for talking about herself, but we started having fun once we got going.


Where they had been what they had see

Larry Henderson talks about teenage and military life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Wylie, Texas, Blake Henderson (14) interviews his grandfather Larry Henderson (68) about his time in the Air Force and his teenage life growing up in McKinney Texas.

My Interview with papa

In this interview we talked about mostly his life. I tried to ask question about all through out his life not just one part.

Growing up on an Air Force base and being surrounded by culture from all over the country
November 27, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, (Thanksgiving 2018 in Vestavia, Al) Jyoti (42) tells Divyanshi (15) about her life as a daughter of a soldier. The picture is of Jyoti's father when he was a soldier. She spent a large portion of her...

WH Interview

I spoke to Richard Evers about his service experiences and other life stories.

Savannah Hill and her Grandpa Adolph Svec’s experiences from college, the military, and his family.

An interview with my grandfather about his experiences and reflections on his life during his different careers. He talks about his military life, teaching life, important people in his life, and the history of his parents and grandparents.

Dad’s time at Kunsan Air Base

Korea Defense Veteran describes his time in the Wolf Pack along with other stories from this deployment.

Gavin Campos and Dave Chandler Fayetteville, GA 11/28/21
November 28, 2021 App Interview

I interviewed my grandpa while we were at their house for Thanksgiving. This was for a school project and I really enjoyed this. I asked him about his life and I learned a lot of things about him that I...

Interviewing a War Hero: Jake and Joe Ryther

Jake Ryther (14) talks with Joe Ryther (43) about his experiences in the 20 years he spent serving his country.

Winning the Korean War

My father, John Adams, served in the National Guard. He tells some stories about his role as “Chief Scrounger”.

Chief master Sargent loften

Had a lot of acheivements during the Air Force. And had the metals to prove it.

Interview with Kenneth Replogle

His childhood growing up. Time in the Air Force. Memories from the military.

Military life in the South of Vietnam during Vietnamese War.

My dad was a warrant officer in the Vietnamese Air Force during Vietnamese War, so i make the interview about his military life.

Thanksgiving oral history assignment- Ryan Partrick

Talking to my grandad about his life in the military, his farming experiences and his thanksgiving experiences

Emily Carroll interviews her dad, Mitchell Carroll, who tells us about life growing up in Flint

In this interview from Flint Michigan on November 27th 2017, Emily Carroll(16) interviews her dad, Mitchell Carroll(56). They talk about how Mitch grew up in a large family from Flint in the 1960s. Mr. Carroll shares an embarrassing moment at...

Haley Wagner/ Robert Manolescu Air Force Intelligence

Haley Wagner (20): 2020-12-06 22:40:49 of Newark Delaware, talks with her grandfather Robert Manolescu (77) about his time and experiences in the Air Force. He spoke about his reasoning for joining the Air Force, his time in boot camp and...

Flying the Hump, in World War II

Michael Kidda describes flying over the Himilayan Moutains during WWII in ill-equipped C-109 and B-24 bomber airplanes. These bombers had been converted to gasoline tankers and were not designed to fly at this altitude or these conditions, which made "Flying...

Interview with my Aunt Trish

It’s an interview with my Aunt Trish and she talks about how her happiest moments and life and talks about her life