Retirement: a new chapter
December 16, 2020 App Interview

Ben Napier is a Air Force member interviewed David Cardona the day before he retires after 20 years of active duty service. Been discussed is why he joined the air Force, raising a family in the air Force, in the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen by Elizabeth Lovat and James Krasinski

Elizabeth Lovat interviews her adoptive grandfather, Jim Krasinski, listening to his life lessons.

Minerva soliz

I, Violetta Fajardo, asked my grandma some questions about her life and what she has to say

Interview with Gary Roeder
January 27, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed Gary Roeder because he was a pilot and I thought it was interesting so I talked with him about his job as a pilot.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I love my dad, he’s goofy and was so scared for this interview but I’m excited for the future when I can look back and hear this recording again. I would’ve talked longer but I could tell he was feeling...

Haley Wagner/ Robert Manolescu Air Force Intelligence

Haley Wagner (20): 2020-12-06 22:40:49 of Newark Delaware, talks with her grandfather Robert Manolescu (77) about his time and experiences in the Air Force. He spoke about his reasoning for joining the Air Force, his time in boot camp and...

Interview with my Aunt Trish

It’s an interview with my Aunt Trish and she talks about how her happiest moments and life and talks about her life

My grandpa

My grandfather and I got to speak on his time in the service, his family, and his career has a DSP/CNA.

Interview with Poppy

Asking him about his childhood and things I didn’t know about his life.

The story of my Grandfather

The story of how my Grandfather and his ancestors and children.

Flying the Hump, in World War II

Michael Kidda describes flying over the Himilayan Moutains during WWII in ill-equipped C-109 and B-24 bomber airplanes. These bombers had been converted to gasoline tankers and were not designed to fly at this altitude or these conditions, which made "Flying...

Grandparent Interview

We talked mainly about my grandparent’s childhood and his experience in the military.


Marc Prevette and Molly Prevette disscused marriage, childhood, and military life.

Desert Storm

This is a story about my mothers time in desert storm. Her experience and how she felt