Crafting with my grandpa

A thanksgiving chat with my grandpa about his life growing up on farms in rural New York to living in suburban Rochester, NY.

Victorians Final

During this interview, we talked about how life was when Mr. Harrison grew up and how it is now. We talked about rights then versus how rights are now.

Bubba (my grandfather)

I talked to my grandfather about his childhood and teenage years.

James talking to his father about his childhood and jobs.
December 1, 2019 App Interview

My interview was on December 2019 talking with my father about his childhood and previous experiences in Voorheesville New York. I asked about his childhood, jobs, interests and family. My father talked about previous jobs as well as his interests...

Thanksgiving interview, Jacob jonmichael
November 29, 2017 App Interview

We covered all of my dads childhood and some of his fondest memories.

Mark and Korbyn Thanksgiving

Korbyn Pullen interviews his grandfather, Mark Gormley, on November 21st 2017. His grandfather shares stories of his ancestors and life as a child.

Life Lessons with Chan pt.4

On this final part of Life Lessons with Chan, he talked about all the life regrets he doesn’t have! He believes that all of the “mistakes” he’s made were an opportunity for him to grow and learn. Maybe he shouldn’t...

O’Niel Swanson talks about his experiences throughout his life including starting his own buissness and being in the war

This interview was recorded in Detroit Michigan at 7:30 p.m. The person that I interviewed was O'Niel D. Swanson who is also my grandfather. The topics discussed in this interview include starting a buissness how to publicize a buissness and...

Neighbors remembering the life of America's greatest monumental sculptor

This is an interview with residents of Middletown residents about another local resident who was one of Americas most prolific sculptors.