Interview with my mother

In this interview we talked about my mother’s life and her childhood and I learnt a lot of story’s about her.

Chanel Conner childhood

I interview my mother on growing up in our city Chicago

Dad interview

Me and my dad talk about his childhood and raising me.

Interviweing my dad

In this interview I asked my dad a series of questions ranging from who looked up to him to who’s his favorite Disney princess. We get into his childhood and into people he has knows forever.

Ammara’s Culture

We talked about things that entailed the childhood of my cousin like the play they did in their days as well as the games played and toys played with.

Thanksgiving interview

My mom had a different and very difficult childhood with two disabled parents and one dying early in her life and she had to become an adult and take care of her dad at 13.

Getting to Know My Mom

I asked my mom a few questions about her childhood as well as a couple of questions related to her life as a mom. After two shots of fireball of course.

Emma’s Interview With Noreen

Childhood stories, funny memories and living life as a twin.

My Mom: The Superhero

Me and my mom journey through her past, present, and future.

Interviewing Grandpa #2: Forrest L. Smith On Race Relations in the South

This is my second interview of my grandfather, Forrest L. Smith. Here he discusses how he experienced racism growing up and how he developed his own attitude of race relations.

Interview #1- Mother

Questions regarding my mother’s life and experience

Ann Bowles Turk

This is an interview with my grandmother Ann Turk. I asked her about her childhood, grandparents, and her personal and professional life.

February 22, 2019 App Interview

Richard Stewart tells me about his childhood and thoughts about resilience.

My mom

My mom tells me about some of the best, worst, and most important moments in her life.

My Uncles Life

This recording is my Uncles life and how he grew up as a child.We talked about His experience in the Navy and why he did join it.And how he handled his siblings.

Isaac Murphy and his mom.

My mom spoke about her childhood and her belief in God. She also spoke about her wishes for me and for her in the future.

Empathetic Awareness to All

Aliyah reviews her previous experiences, both in childhood and throughout her young adult life, reflecting on her most crucial memories and experiences, and giving advice to the future