Interview With Sheryl

A short interview with my mother about how I was as a child.

EDIT Assignment

We talked about his life and how he feel about people and life. Also how he would and wouldn’t do some things


We talked about some life things that I didn’t know about Alex

A Jae in the Life of Ms. Davis-Crawford

Short interview with a theatre student who is one of the most important people in my life.

Effective News

The information I discussed in my interview was mainly how the news effects people life. Also, the news is moving to social media a lot more.


Talking to my sister about her life a bit. Also she explains her transition to the USA a bit

Rand Aldujaili

We talked about her childhood and how she bounced back from being new in America.

Immigrant Intereview

I learned a lot about how my dad felt when we were immigrating here. He also talked about resilience being important to him when going through the process!