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APUSH 2nd Quarter Grade Reclaimation

I, Sarah Replogle, interviewed my grandma, Barbara Gatchel aka Mimi on her early life and our ancestry.


my grandma giving me her life story

Story of a better life

Back then when I was 19 years old I had to leave my family back brothers and my parents for looking new opportunities for life.

A Visit with Dad
February 12, 2018 App Interview

Crazy ex-pat father and his daughters

Evita Smith Chicago mother talks about growing up and life in Chicago today.

I asked my mother about the strong women in her life growing up and how they influenced her. We also talked about her outlook on life in Chicago today and gun control.

My brother Lucas

My brother and I sitting down and having a conversation

Our 2014 deer hunt

We left to go on a deer hunt for 2 weeks hoping to take a trophy deer home with us

Speech Interview with my Mom

I record an interview with my mom, Amy, to hopefully gain a better understanding of each other.

Mom and me.
December 2, 2021 App Interview

A mother and a daughter talking about some very odd and out of order things.

Interview with dad

I interviewed my dad and asked Him question of his past and his memories. I also asked him questions of his school life and what it was like for him.

The Great Listening Project

I didn’t know Dena had a sister and how much her sister means to her. Through the interview, I can tell Dena is a very kind person and love her family very much. Dena is a little regret that she...

Coincidences – Family Stories That Relate To Faith, God and the Afterlife

Nani made a list of family experiences and shared them in this interview. We ran out of time before sharing Nani's take on "spirit birds," Craig showing up as a red bird after his service, my brother showing up as...

Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa’s

I am at my grandparents house on thanksgiving. My grandpa’s name is Thomas Smith. I am very thankful to have a grandpa like him.

My father’s past

What his life was like back then and what they did during that time.

Interview with Hugh Kristian Hanson in Salisbury, MD

Hanson family history regarding Jens Kristian Hanson of Denmark and USA, James Kristian Hanson of NC, Irvin Rivers Hanson, MD, Sr of NC and MD etal