my grandma giving me her life story

The Thanksgiving Listen with my sister

I interviewed my sister some good questions and I enjoyed interviewing her.


Recorded in a Auburn hills instead of Rochester hills like i said.(Summary of what Janet White said right after time ran out): I worry for the future generations because the country is on the edge of falling apart. The people...

Grandmother Interview

My grandmother, Becky, explained to me how thanksgiving was when she was a kid and how much different it is from today’s world.

Interview with my Mother!

What was talked about today on January 8, 2019 was about her past and current life and how my mom would like all of this to playout and what she enjoyed most. This is also about the interests she has...

The Mile Walk In My Life

In the interview we talked about tradition , what was childhood like , and mostly what tradition was held up until this day and the true meaning behind it.

Childhood and life

This interview was taken by Mackenzie Bouchard, and I had interviewed my mother Amy Walsh. We took this interview Saturday November 25 2017. We had ended up talking about my moms child hood memories and her life experiences. We talked...

Edward Moore

This is an interview of my grandfather Edward Moore. It will cover topics about his past and his life today.

The Uknown Teenage Life

Asking questions that sons and daughters should ask to their family members

Experiences of a teen at Heart

A mother of 2 gives instances of her teenage life and growing up in a tech savvy region.

Ann Bowles Turk

This is an interview with my grandmother Ann Turk. I asked her about her childhood, grandparents, and her personal and professional life.

Thanksgiving oral history

We talked about my mother’s childhood and growing up

Lizbeth Alvarado

Lizbeth Alvarado is my sister, and in this interview she chose her questions.

APUSH 2nd Quarter Grade Reclaimation

I, Sarah Replogle, interviewed my grandma, Barbara Gatchel aka Mimi on her early life and our ancestry.

I want people to remember me as a happy person

In the interview Leidy talks about her experiences coming to America, immigrating, happiness and the overall differences. The major differences she had to encounter was the language barrier and getting used to the culture. Leidy lives a happy life with...