Grove Park SU 19

This interview with Mr. and Mrs. Ross is about the history of the Grove Park neighborhood and the changes that are beginning to take place in that neighborhood.

Mrs. Sutton and Mrs. Delk

Mrs. Delk and mrs. Sutton are long time Grove Park resident interviewed by the Grove Park Foundation

Reflections On a Changing Neighborhood From Luella and Beverly Grove Park 2019

We spoke with current residents of Grove Park to understand their perspective on the community as it undergoes change as a result of new investments.

Grove Park Summer 2019

This interview was about changes in the Grove Park community. David, a long term member of Groge Park’s church, was kind enough to share his opinions on the matter and how the place has evolved over the years.

John Atkinson, Sr. Family Interview

Discussion with family about the legacy of John Atkinson, Sr. June 11, 1943 Georgia Supreme Court Case to allow him to move into a house in the Hunter Hill and Grove Park area of Atlanta, GA

Grove Park Interview

We discussed how Grove Park and the surrounding areas would be impacted by upcoming investments.

John Atkinson, Sr. Family

John Atkinson, Sr. bought property on Holly St. and Simpson Rd. and his GA Supreme Court case ended redlining and mortgage blocking in GA.

Grove Park: Turnipseed Family

The Turnipseed family grew up in Grove Park and left during the Great White Flight.

Grove Park: a changing neighborhood

Jessa recounts the many changes she has seen in just one year since her moving there. She explains her vision for the community and how powerful resident voices can be when unified.