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Interviewing my Grandfather about his life before I was born.

During my interview we talked about a lot of things including his childhood, school, his wife, his parents and etc. He told me a lot of things that I didn’t know about him and it was very interesting.

Virginia Eickholt interviewing her Grandmother Joan Rayl

This is an interview between myself, Virginia, and my grandmother, Joan. We are interviewing from her hometown of Decatur, Alabama over Thanksgiving break. We discuss everything from childhood, to advice, to regrets.

two dudes talking in a closet


Granny Interview

interview with granny about America. Short but a family representation from over seas about the Americas and there views.

Historical Interview with Family

We talked about what life was like in the early and mid 1900s and how historical events have shaped my grandmother’s life.

Interview with my dad
December 10, 2022 App Interview

ap world history bonus

Ms Miller

Ms. Miller, Eighth grade history teacher

StoryCorps interview

Aryan shah (16) interviewing my mom Bijal shah (48). We mainly discussed my mother’s childhood, what it was like, how my mom met my dad and what strong relationship they had, and what an amazing impact family can have on...

My Grandmother’s History

I got to learn about my grandmother’s past and all of the things she liked to do.

Me and my grandma
December 5, 2022 App Interview

me and my grandma made a great interview for the great Thanksgiving listen

The great thanksgiving – Bob and I

This is a summary of Bob and I. We discussed many topics about many different things. I hope you enjoy!

interview for Us history
April 13, 2023 App Interview

Recorded on the 12th. Recorded with my grandfather. 66 years old. over civil rights movement, cold war, and the Vietnam war.

Historical event

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

Joshua Currier Interview

Elizabeth Klijnsmit; my grandmother, discusses the 1960's, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard M. Nixon.

LHP Interview Gerda Joseph

Olivia Chigas interviewing Maria Chigas about Gerda Joseph, her grandmother, during ww2

Story corps history project

this interview is with Vivienne who is 12 and mom (abby who is 50) it is about my moms life so far and some of her favorite things, and memory’s.

Transition from Mexican childhood to American childhood

Jose Camacho told about his transition from Mexican to American childhood. He shared his struggles, concerns, and what he believed to be opportunities from coming to the US.