Grandpa Pirie’s life

My Grandpa had a very interesting life. I think world war2 play apart in his life such as joining the navy.

Great thanksgiving listen 11/23/17

Me and my uncle takes about his military life and mainly what he did in his childhood.

Dad’s Military Experience

The interview consisted of what it was like to to be in the United States Navy.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandpa

I recorded my grandpa for a school project but it was really interesting. The interview included stories about his jobs working in a drugstore a railroad the car dealership and in the military and as a teacher. He told about...

A very brief look into my dads life

I started by asking him questions about school. I learned that he liked it because of his friends and that he used his money he made to pay for car payments. I also asked him questions about his jobs and...

Robert Fred Steckman at the Micheal J. Fitzmaurice Veterans Home

Fred talked about his time working at West Point as well as some memories from his time in the military.

Me and My Veteran Mom

My name is Brooke Officer and I interviewed my mom, Lauren Officer, about her experience in the military as she is a veteran. My mom was in the Airforce branch. She talked about why she joined the military, different places...

Jared Baker-master sergeant

He was happy to serve in the military and happy to be interviewed.

Be All You Can Be

In this interview I asked my uncle some questions about his experience in the military. I also asked him some questions about his thoughts on the military.

Deep thoughts with Xavier

My uncle Xavi is a great man, a man who has served our country and one “who’s lived five lifetimes at least.” He shares with us a moment when others kindness was on full display, sharing about the people who...

Vietnam war (Richard platt )

This is Richard Platt he was drafted in the war/military 2 years after Vietnam war. hear the story from his eyes and pov.

Interviewing grandpa

We talked about childhood, meeting grandma, an influential teacher of his, what he thought he was going to be when he grew up when he was young, his favorite music as a child, what it was like when he found...

Papa and Me

We talked about how he learned that it's important to enjoy life, because we won't be here forever. He also talked about how family is the most important thing in life.

Growing Up in ‘44

Interview regarding growing up in the city in ‘44 and moving to the suburbs, and all that happened in between.

Timothy Duggan’s Interview

My Dad is a retired veteran in the army and served for almost 30 years, he grew up in buffalo and has had a very interesting life. He went to college at Cornell and was a vet for a short...

Veteran interviews

I interviewed a active chaplin military member.

First Iraq Invasion: Liberation of Kuwait

My dad was prepared to leave Miami on the morning where the United States was invading Iraq.

Mary Foley Interview

This is my interview with my long time girlfriend, fellow Marine, Mary Foley. The interview took place in her hometown of Braintree, MA. I asked her various questions regarding her childhood, family, and service.