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Stephen Lutchman

Stephen Lutchman, an immigrant from Trinidad, shares his story of his family and who he is today.

Thanksgiving listen

We mainly talked about the experiences she had when she was younger and how it affected her as she grew in age

hole you cant get out of

Interviewing my teacher. Who gave me a little background of what inspired him most.

Middle School in the 90s

Otis Johnson (Age 11), a current 7th grader, asks his father Jeremy Johnson (Age 41) what middle school was like for him. Witness the challenges and the fun of what middle school was like in the 90s.

Kevin Primmer’s interview

This interview is from Emma Budinger and Kevin Primmer. Emma is interviewing Kevin asking him questions about his life, and about him.

Interview with Grandpa

In the interview, I asked my Grandfather questions about me, family stories, and his childhod. I had a really fun time and received many good answers.

Carson Cox and Gina Cox, Love is patience love is kind

Carson Cox was doing the interviewing. While Gina Cox did the answering. Gina is my mom. Our conversation consisted of what does love mean to her. Our conversation were based around falling in love, religion and love, and challenges with...

COVID-19 Interview

John Paul Stoppi Jr. talks and discusses with his daughter his opinion on the existing pandemic.

Me and my teammate Nate

Nate’s journey from his home country to the U.S. and the challenges his faced and had to overcome.

Taryn Sanborn learned what life was like for Douglas Glenn in the military, and during his childhood.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Eureka, California, Taryn Sanborn (16) interviews her family friend Douglas Glenn (61) about his childhood and his adventure in the military. Doug shares stories about learning how to deal with getting a...

Interview with my mom

My mother and I spoke about her experiences as a mother and specifically raising me.