Dad on thanksgiving

Me and my dad talked at the dinner table on thanksgiving.

Interviewing Someone of Importance

Today I have decided to interview my sister. We discussed the things she was proud of me for.

Life is forgiving

We talked about me and my mothers life together. And growing up with my single mother.

The Great Thanksgiving

My dad and I talked about what he was most grateful for and what his favorite memories of me and his life are. He explains to me these things with great detail.

Interview for IREAD 320

I asked Hunter random questions that I thought would be fun and interesting to talk about.

Interviewing Pablo my husband

The chance to interview my 100% Proud American immigrant husband was a treasure indeed

Me and My Tia

Asking my tia about her life before and after moving to the US


During the interview we talk about where my father grew up and his history of growing up.

Interview, My Mom’s Experience of Life

In this interview we talked about my moms experience in life and some good and bad memories and some advice she would want to share with future generations listening to this interview.

Interview nyc

Asked different questions about their past experiences.

Sage’s interview

For English, we we're told to pick one important person in our life to interview and I chose my friend Sage.

Years gone by, an interview with daughter number 4.

An interview with my Mom, MaryAnn. Short story about meeting my dad, the jobs she has had, inspiring words, and a story about finding a dead man.

Attitude of Gratitude Pernice

This interview is for my father. I interviewed his life and how he met his wife. Lastly I interviewed how he is happy doing his job and caring for his daughter (me).

My fathers story life

Talked more about him and my family tree . Getting to know him better

Life of a Refugee from the congo

We talked about my mother's past and how her views in America. She talked about how things were when she was growing up and how much she struggled until she got here in America.