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Chris Morley-US Navy AE2 Norfolk, Virginia, Oceana Base

That in the military there is a lot of stuff to adapt to when you go into the military and the military is much different from civilian life.

Chief Sylvester “Sly” Miller USN RET.

Chief Miller USN Ret. talks about his pre military service, military service, and his transition to the civilian world after he retired.

Interview with Eugene Allen Blankenship 27 May 2020

His childhood in the Tennessee mountains. Flying squirrels and marbles. College at University of Alabama. Career as electrical engineer. Marriage and family

Island of Rhodes, Greece

Story of a navy departure to Islands of Rhodes, Greece. Exploration, History, and being trapped on an Island due to sea waves.

Getting to know you

Just getting to know my dad more whether I knew the story or not just delving into a different part of his life.

A Break from Reality

Joey Miller Calleja shares his experience enlisting in the US Navy. He reflects on how

Dad’s experience in the Military

This interview with my dad shows the importance and some pieces of everyday life in the navy


Most of it was about family and home and also navy

#VeteransVoices: Serving On The High Seas

We talked about what it was like to serve in the Navy during the 80s on a daily basis and what was hard/good about it

John King interviews Dad

We talked mostly about work ,childhood, and where and how Zachary King grew up. This was very special to me.

Life of a former navy mom

A Navy family having to move every 4 years. A mother raising to boys on her own most of the time. Talking about the best places that she visited (Hawaii)

An interview with Joseph Norman guy!

Get to know Joseph Norman Guy, my grandpa by listening to some of the following questions!

Life From Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California

In this interview, conducted on April 20, 2019 in Orange, California, Mya Naguit (19) interviews her father, Manny Naguit (59) about the duration of his life from Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California. Mr. Naguit shares insights into his memories as...

Interview with David B Robinson

This interview was reminicent of my grandfathers "youth, public education, early years with [my] father and memories of the navy."

Thanksgiving interview: Intreviewing Dick Cress (Pap)

What was talked about was my great grandfathers child hood, his experience in the Navy, and how he met my great grandmother.