Danté Hicks pt2

My brother and I talked about his life and how he thinks he’s managing it. We also discussed our relationship as brothers.


How a college student feels about the pandemic

All about John

John answers a couple of questions from Javier

Practice Covid Interview

Maxwell and I discussed his life during Covid and the struggles he faces. This also includes how his emotions and social life changed during these times.

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was a way for me to connect with my mother on another level. I already talk a lot with my mom but i would never think twice about what was asked.

The life of my grandma when Shell inmigrantes

My grandma is falling about her life and how Shell got to the place Shell is now.

My Aunty’s story

My aunt talks about her faith, childhood, and people who inspired her in side school and out.

Immigration Interview

I interviewed Hebert De Souza on his experience coming to the United States from Brazil for the immigration project

Evening Talk With My Grandmother

My grandma and I mainly talked about her time in Cuba and what it was like for her being my age. She spoke to me about past friendships, jobs, and even about our current relationship with each other and God.

Jenna W’s Life

I asked Jenna Weinman various questions about her childhood and family to understand deeply as a person.

Interview with my mom

For this assignment I interviewed my mom and learned about her past. I know more about her now then I did before.


Talked about how her parents came to the country. And how she loves her religion.