Interview with Max

Interview with my pal, Max, about various topics including our friendship, religion, and life.

Mama actually goes to California

Mama Miller shares her experience of moving with her husband from the East coast to southern California.


I talked about my childhood, what I did that was really dumb and the people who impacted my life.


we talked about what it is like to reflect and understand people, and how to approach people with kindness in all walks of life. i also rambled a lot.

The Great Thanksgiving Listing

We talked about what it was like for my grandpa growing up.

Xochilt C. Ball

We talked about xochilt’s past life. Also her life now.

Interview with arturo ortiz lopez

I talked with my dad about what hes thankful for, what childhood was like and what advice he had for me

William’s interview

I interviewed my mom today. It was unique expierence and helped me learn a thing or two about her

Getting to know Jesus Ortiz

Today I sat down with my father to know more about him

The great listen

We talked about her life and what she did as a child. We also talked about her life as an adult.

My good friend

I pretty much asked different questions about how is life and everything

My Librarian

I asked her some personal questions about her life.

Don’t go for this girl
November 23, 2017 App Interview

I’m talking about this because my ex did some mean things towards the breakup and after.