Interviewing my grandma

I interviewed my grandma for English class. I ask her about how living on a farm was

Me and Paul Chiaffredo’s talk

I love to talk with my dad and it’s awesome to share those conversations with other people.

Redefining the Norm: Part II

In part one we learned about how Clay changed his school policy on allowing boys to wear makeup. In part two we went more in depth with others reactions to the policing change, the impact of social media and Clay’s...

Family project

We talked pretty much about my fathers life and how he’s changed as a person over time.

Amanda Tripodi’s Interview

This interview was mostly about the life of Amanda and any memories she had from her own life experiences as well as mine. Some stories happened while I was not alive so there were many surprises for me.

Learning more about my mom

Learning about her childhood. Also talked about her parents.

Jazmin Walker & Marques Carter

We Talked About How Her Childhood Was & How She Was As A Child . We Also Talked About Her Most Memorable Moment & Her Most Difficuly Moment

Winter final: Great Thanksgiving Final: Interviewing My Mother

My mother and I talked about her childhood and the things that she has leaned in life. We also talked about the advice she would give her teenage self and the life lessons she had learned and hopes to teach...

Me & Sue

Me interviewing one of the best people I ever met.

Kelly B

I asked Kelly what her childhood was like and how she was as a child. Kelly responded, “I was a very energetic child.”


Xavier Guzman sophomore of John f kennedy high school discussed about life and childhood

Sharon interview

Sharon was very nice and talked about how life was like back then

interview test
September 23, 2022 App Interview

a good test interview I was able to see what I need to add more of.