El espectacular cambio de vida de Andrea Cuellar
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Esta es Andrea Cuellar de 45 años gran viaje y razones por las que vino a los Estados Unidos entrevistada por su hija de 20 años hablando de cultura ,identificación y cambio.

Interview with Maria Steinhagen

This was an interview with by Emma Windows with her grandmother, Maria Steinhagen. Emma is 17 years old and her grandmother is 70 years old. Emma interviewed her grandmother on the influences she had in her life, memories, generational differences...

Lovely Interview with dad!

During this interview, we got a chance to get closer by going through questions he enjoyed answering for this thankful evening!


Matt D'Angelo and Liz Heller boyfriend/girlfriend explore important moments in life and advice for future generations.

Thanksgiving Listen

My name is Asiyah Jackson, I interviewed my grandmother Linda meyers, 17 and 67 years old. We just talked a little about her life

2022 Great Thanksgiving Listen

Shalom is 16 and interviewed her mom, Mekdes who is 40. We discussed lessons shes learned growing up and a little of her background. She also talked about impactful things in her life.

Arthur Laszlo

I interviewed my grandfather, Arthur laszlo. He is 86 years old and we discussed his upbringing and journey through the world.

Rocco Troullos Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my grandmother Helen Troullos who is 84 years old. I asked about her job, her favorite memory, and also asked about her parents. She seemed to be happy talking and remembering fun things from her life.

Max Naranjo, talking with Kathryn Shockency (Grandma)

Max Naranjo (13 years old) and Kathryn Shockency (22 years old + grandma). Today I learned my grandma almost died by inhaling a tidlydink while playing hide or seek.

Khanh Nguyen

Khanh Nguyen (16) and Yen Kha Luong (17) - interview about how the Covid-19 changed ourselves ?

The great thanksgiving listen

Memories that my grandfather had for the great thanksgiving listen

Living With DACA

I am interviewing my brother, he was brought to the United States at only 2 years old. We are sharing his journey throughout what it was like growing up an immigrant.

interviewing my sister
December 8, 2022 App Interview

This a interview I made with my sister Cinthya rico. She is 28 years old and is a mother of 4 kids.


Interviewed my roommate Lane Hornsby, he’s 18, and discussed college and life.

Mommy and me
November 27, 2017 App Interview

An interview with my mom, Marisa Carnevale. Asking questions and hearing about family events etc. that I really never knew about before!

podcast with friend

Interview with my friend Jackson who is 17 and goes to gulliver. We talk about everything in his life from sports to how having to move has affected his life. We also talked about how different people changed his life...

The great thanksgiving interview

My grandmother had a pretty different life than me but over all I think we have similarities but mostly differences

practice interview (hour 6)

what are some interests and thing you like to do

great thanksgiving listen aunt nicole
November 29, 2022 App Interview

what makes aunt Nicole aunt Nicole ? friendships, parenting, and life lessons

Interview with Dad

Siri Coyne interviews her dad, Jeff Coyne, discussing Jeff’s childhood, work life, and relationships.

Interview My Mom
November 30, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed Kieu, she is my mother. She is 48 years old. We talked about my mother's memories and how it changed her.

Melani Jacob’s Interview for StoryCorps, 2017

In this recording, Melani Jacob at Washington Junior High in Bentonville, Arkansas, records an audio file for StoryCorps. Melani Jacob is an seventh grade loves her life, her family, her friends, and school.

Jared Murray

Emily Bray, 20 years-old, interviews Jared Murray, 22 years-old. Jared is a Jewish male and talks about his life as a Jewish man, his family heritage, and facing religious prejudice in today’s world.

family and dreams
November 16, 2022 App Interview

family is definitely important and how they are impacted to what Jonny wants to be when he grows up, this can be very important to achieving a dream.


The interviewer is 18 year old Jazmin Long, interviewee is 18 year old AJ Deason, they are engaged. They talked about AJ's life and what he wanted for his future.