Story Telling Interview with Andy Anquoe

Abbie Anquoe 18 daughter Andy Anquoe 59 father Discussing Andy’s native culture and how it has affected his life.

Important Teachers

I am Josilyn Dalrymple, I am 18 years old and am interviewing Wade Nix age 36. Today we discussed Wade’s most impactful teacher and if he would go back to thank him.

Storytelling interview

I interviewed my mom about her life, childhood, and relationship. She works as an accountant and spent most her life in Christianity.

Recording – 02-03-2024 12:23:44
February 3, 2024 App Interview

This is Nicolas Elliott and we talked about his work and family life.

My IT Friend George

George Arce he is 24 years old and my relationship is that he is a good friend that I had in school. He was the IT manager at my school and helped me learn a lot of life lessons.

Recording – 02-25-2024 My mom

My name is Maliyah Garrett, I’m 19 years old and I am interviewing my mom, Shiana Garrett who is 44, about her career journey.

Recording – 08-29-2023 22:06:11

me and my cousin doing a school project where I’m interviewing her she is 18 years old