Interviewing my mom.

We talked about how she grew up and what she does for living.


Vassil Kachkin on his experience with immigrating to the U.S.

Shan interviewing cousin

I interview my cousins and it was a very great talk and great time to get to notice his real answers

My dads life

This is his life all the fun times the scary times and all the sad times a little bit but he have a good life and he is still growing up we love you dad

Shikevioni latham interview toccurra pates she is my mother. We talked about her life and me.

Well we talked about life and what could we do to make it better or has made it better. In this journal called life we have made some mistake but God has really been there for us to be a...

An interview with my mom

We talked about of my my mom and dad met and their favorite memories of me


It felt very nice to talk to my great grandma because I've never talked to her before.

Thanksgiving talk

Today I asked a close teacher of mine about her favorite holiday.

A+ Story

Interview for human connections. And the power of vulnerability.

Joel Arellano and Jennifer Arellano

I Interviewed my oldest sister Jennifer and I asked her a little about everything.

Adley and DeAndre

Adley interviewing DeAndre about him and his life.


It was a dad answering questions. They were about heritage,childhood and more.

Great Grandpa Interview

Was pretty short and I knew most of the stuff already; but was still cool to listen to.