Dad interview

From this interview I learned about how my dad went to many catholic schools and was a good friend. I also learned about his many dreams for art and that he liked volunteering for many things when growing up. Sadly...

Emma’s happy memory

Emmas memory of the time she went camping for the first time and an important realization.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My dads’s interview of his memories. If he wishes to forget, or remember.

Justin Koch interviews father about his life as a child and now.

Today I️ interviewed my dad John koch to learn about his life growing up. I️ learned so many new things about him like that he whacked a bee hive with a baseball bat and that he is truly happy with...

Jolene DeMarti’s Great Bulldog Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed Hannah DeMarti and learned where she lived, who she lives with, and what she did in her childhood. I enjoyed learning about Hannah and her career and her advice on how to be a successful student.

Thanksgiving story

The comparison of living down in Mississippi to living in the City of Chicago during this time of year.