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I talked with my dad and got a glimpse of his past.

Interview With my 89 year-old Grandpa

My Grandpa was born in 1930. We talked about everything from the start of WWII to him going on road trips with my Grandma and all of their kids. We even talked about who he voted for in the 1948...

Peer interview/Sophia

Sophia discusses the most impactful person in her life with me and much more.

Great Thanksgiving Listen: Alex Fisch interviewing Victoria Camelio.

In this interview, Victoria talks about her experience as one of the top youth swimmers in New England, the sacrifices she made, and how she effectively balanced her time.

Spears family culture

We talked about family culture. Mainly about my moms side where they focused on a lot of cars.

Yariel (Ms.Neely)

We talked about my mom life and basically about all of our life situations.

Interview with Grandpa

We talked about my Grandpa’s childhood, his experiences, and people who influenced him.

Interviewing an unknown american

Interviewing fabiola garnica was a pleasure of mine because i got to know alittle more about what it was like living in mexico for 10 years

The life of my mom

She’s a loving woman always smiling very beautiful

Interview with mom

We talked about what it was like growing up and childhood experiences

Interviewing my Gramdpa

We talked about my grandpas childhood. Also we talked about some sorts that he did.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

We talked about just his past and memories that truly stuck with him even until now. Discussing his past influences, we were able to connect over the still relevant topics in society today.

My interview with diego

Overall I learned some things I didn’t know about Diego even though I have known him for a while.