RVM Grace Carter

Rvm, Irish Catholic, family, vocation

RVM Barbara Mikesell Part 2
August 2, 2017 App Interview

Family, disabilities, falling in love

RVM James Rockwell
September 6, 2017 App Interview

American civilians in the Philippines in WW II. Japanese occupation and American liberation of the Phillipines in WW II

RVM Anne Irons
October 10, 2017 App Interview

Anne's positive way of life shows through this interview. Anne's childhood in Chinatown. Trying to learn Chinese. She had a stroke during delivering her son and saw the light but did not want to go back.

RVM Barden Finch
November 18, 2017 App Interview

Finishing projects and moving on. Transitions from music (coronet) to flying to accounting and an interest in the outdoors.

RVM Mary Wright Gillespie
September 28, 2017 App Interview

A life of service. Family and Ministry. Groundbreaker for women ordained in ministry.

RVM Paul Schurman
March 28, 2017 App Interview

Minister, counselor, and family

RVM Anne Schurman
March 27, 2017 App Interview

Minister's wife, mother, advocate, and friend to all