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My Grandparents First Meeting

This is the story of how my grandmother met my grandfather, and how they went on a trip around Europe after knowing each other for a week.

Adolescence Interview

Grandparents Evelyn and Fritz Grupe describe their experiences as adolescents. Significant cultural events, parents, social environments, and discovering identities are discussed.

Adolescence Interview

Grandparents describing their experiences as adolescents.

interviewing mom

talking to my mom about the experience of having cancer

Interview with Brayden Remmington

Brayden gives us a deeper insight on what it’s like to be gay in America and the struggles that come with it.

Interview with mamaw

Jewell Dean Drapp (80 years old) was interviewed by Mikayla Nance (18 years old). They are related to eachother by blood, grandma and granddaughter. Mikayla interviewed her about her life.

storytelling assignment

For my interview I interviewed a really close family friend Arianna who is like family to me and she is 19. During this interview we discussed and dove deeper into her life and her experiences.

Oral History Interview

I had an interview with my friend Logan Allen and he is 16 and we discussed a lot of different things like his interest and how he plans to further his education after high school.

Anne Eliason and Sophia Eliason

Mother and daughter Anne Eliason (44) and Sophia Eliason (17) discuss Sophia’s childhood, her coming out as a trans girl, and how her life has changed since.


this interview is about my moms book, and her journey throughout the book.

What It Means to Volunteer

I had the pleasure of interviewing the volunteer coordinator at my school, Auggie. We discussed many topics such as positivity, volunteering, and his own personal experiences with volunteering.

Interviewing josh
November 15, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed Joshua Murillo who is 16 years old and I asked him 3 questions

Reflection on teaching

Danjie Chen (16) interviewing her teacher Kendell May (31) from Channel View School for research about his experience as a teacher.

With my little brother

Talk a little with my brother who is a important person for me.

My mom christine

this about how our family has come from different places

the thanksgiving talkingness of talk
November 25, 2022 App Interview

I ask my grandma about what her life was like(I was also sick so my voice is weird).

Who inspired you most

I interviewed my dad, Kevin Gaughan about who inspired and was most kind to him growing up for a school project

Asking a friend 5 questions

I was going to interview my mother but she was at work so I interviewed my friend Alex

Marco Keller interviews Thomas Keller about his experience with the Cold War and his parents’ experience with WWII.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in San Marcos, Texas, Marco Keller (16) interviews his father Thomas Keller (51) about his experience with the Cold War. Thomas shares his views on the development of affairs during the Cold War,...