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Valerie goes to Universal Studios since she was a child for her birthday. Valeria loves to travel. She has been to Hawaii!!

kevin hipolito

he is talking about his life and how thing are changing.he was talking about quarantine and how it affected his grades. The sports he plays and what he enjoys doing.

Recording – 08-22-2023 10:36:14

he talks about his goals in life.he talks about his happiness memories. he talks about he worst fear.

Recording – Gustavo Rios

this was a interview on Gustavo Rios a 17 from south central. he talked about growing up in la . He also talks about his senior year of high school and what he expectes

Interview of Jairo Santacruz

Jairo Santacruz age 17 talks about his family and his memories he looks back on fondly.

Recording – 08-23-2023 13:23:54
August 23, 2023 App Interview

i interview pamela with a couple of questions of mine:]

August 17, 2023 App Interview

Fernando talked about how he works and is thankful for god and all his blessings

Emilio Ibarra

we talked about his outside of school life. his siblings and how he is the oldest. And also talked about coding


Her name is Jasmin and she’s 16 years old. We talked about her reason for coming to ajr, most important person to her and more.

Jairo M.

In this video, Jairo talks about valuable lessons he’s learned in his life. Jairo also talks about childhood memories and his happiest memory. Lastly, Jairo emphasizes the role his older brother has in his life

Eli Roberson

Eli described his passion for photography and why he wants to pursue a career in the photography field. Eli also gave a very passionate interview about how he wants to further develop his photography skills.

giuliana C

giuliana talked about her favorite memory. she even talked about was she was grateful for in her life and she said she was grateful for her parents and that she haces a roof over her head and food so she...

Amy Arevalo

talking about recent events and life

an interview with christian

we mostly talked about his interests in life. Little things like his dream job, his intersts in hobbies like reading and riding bikes.

Recording – 08-18-2023 09:54:06

His name is Jonathan and he is 17 years old. His goals in life is to be successful in the next 10 years not working a 9-5.

emelin interview , Period 4

I (Kevin) asked her for her interest , where she was raised and born and her likes . Got to know her better and now i would feel like we would get along throughout the year.


Talked about family, relationships, being independent, and balancing life all around.