Ethan and his grandpa Roger share a conversation about Rogers full life

This interview happened on the 24 of November, 2017. In the city of paynesville, Minnesota, when Ethan(14) interviews his Grandpa(Roger)(69)where Ethan asks questions about his times in the reserves, his four children, growing up on the farm with his parents,...

From Alaska to Maryland

A daughter interviews her mother about her journey from Alaska to Maryland.

Paul Kapphahn and Patricia Kapphahn

Paul Kapphahn (81) has a conversation with his Wife, Pat Kapphahn (80), about where and how they each grew up and how they came to start their own private psychotherapy practice.

Teo and the very big earthquake

Anchorage, AK 3rd grader Teo talks about his experience during the 11/30/2018 earthquake.

Interview with Ama

Ama’s life as a military kid also she added “I think I forgot to tell you I wanted to be a teacher cause I wanted to help children and my aunt taught in Germany and Japan so I thought that...

Interview with Dick Aberley

Interview with our 89 year old father. Questions from daughters and grandchildren

Interview with Dick Aberley part 2

Interview with our 89 year old father. Questions from daughters and grandchildren.

Alaska Community Health Aide Experiences

The experiences of Earlene Wise a Community Health Practitioner for 23 years!

"We had 18 military installations that had PAT…at the height of Desert Storm and Desert Shield…and a lot of deployments for families."

Kathy is a mom and a former parent educator. During her tenure at PAT, she’s supported military installations and tribal communities who implement the Parents as Teachers evidence-based home visiting model. Kathy has a 35 year legacy of working with...

The Change in this World

Since 1948 so much has changed… families have grown apart and so have communities. So much anger and distance is depicted on television that people believe that is the way that life is supposed to be. I’m earlier times and...

Traveling in the 1970’s-1990’s

Through this interview, I talk with my great aunt about her travels throughout the 1970’s-1990’s. She discusses some of her trips such as France, Italy, Ireland, and more.

“Your mom was a month early… and she was little and tiny and really cute!”

Jody (Edna Jo) LaFevers was raised in an old 2 story house with a big front porch in a small town on the Missouri border called Viola. Her mother would make all of her clothes, including her prom dress, so...

Emma Mendez Interviews William Lachat to Learn the Emotions, People, and Experiences Shaping the Man Behind the Mustache

On November 24th, at her grandfather’s house in Chicago, Illinois, Emma Mendez interviews William Lachat, husband to his deceased love of his life, Felicia Lachat, father of five daughters, and grandfather to twelve grandchildren. As a son of a biochemical...

Identity, Survival &a Resilience: Students Sharing Wisdom

Interview of Elizabeth Rayburn-Snyder WRTG 090 by Cheryl Williams COMM A305 UAA

Boise local tells Lady Salmon escape story

Boise local tells a story about being a fish biologist working on Salmon in Alaska

Interview assignment

I’m interviewing my Grandpa, who is now living in anchorage and is in the process of retiring and moving to Hawaii. He had led a very interesting life, he is Inupiat Eskimo and was raised in Barrow, Alaska.

Taryn Sanborn learned what life was like for Douglas Glenn in the military, and during his childhood.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Eureka, California, Taryn Sanborn (16) interviews her family friend Douglas Glenn (61) about his childhood and his adventure in the military. Doug shares stories about learning how to deal with getting a...