Alev kelter talks about her Olympic career
December 12, 2017 App Interview

Delaney jones interviews a close friend Alev Kelter. She describes her life as an Olympic athlete playing rugby and her journey to get there.

Interview assignment

I'm interviewing my Grandpa, who is now living in anchorage and is in the process of retiring and moving to Hawaii. He had led a very interesting life, he is Inupiat Eskimo and was raised in Barrow, Alaska.

Susan Reid

Grandparents and her family and how she got to kodiak

Shelley Mellon and Rose Ann Forte

Rose Ann Forte (60) is interviewed by her good friend Shelley Mellon (51) about her upbringing, career, and faith.

Boise local tells Lady Salmon escape story

Boise local tells a story about being a fish biologist working on Salmon in Alaska

"We had 18 military installations that had PAT…at the height of Desert Storm and Desert Shield…and a lot of deployments for families."

Kathy is a mom and a former parent educator. During her tenure at PAT, she's supported military installations and tribal communities who implement the Parents as Teachers evidence-based home visiting model. Kathy has a 35 year legacy of working with...

Paul Kapphahn and Patricia Kapphahn

Paul Kapphahn (81) has a conversation with his Wife, Pat Kapphahn (80), about where and how they each grew up and how they came to start their own private psychotherapy practice.

Dad school interview

We talked about his life and his teenage years and connecting that to his happiest moments and some role models. At the end of the interview we talked about me and some of the memories we had.

Wallace Smith and By Thao

Wallace Smith (82) is interviewed by By Thao (no age given) about his family history and early life in Alaska as well as his experiences teaching in Alaska.

Michelle pryzybylo modern day transcendentalist

Michelle discusses her life that veers away from societal norms, the journeys that she’s been through, and how she is who she is today.

Interview with Dick Aberley part 2

Interview with our 89 year old father. Questions from daughters and grandchildren.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My step grandmother (Katie Wilhelm, I call her Teeta haha) and I talked about her family and travels throughout her life so far, including her Dad who served in World War 2.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

I talk with my dad about his childhood and how music impacted his life

Teo and the very big earthquake

Anchorage, AK 3rd grader Teo talks about his experience during the 11/30/2018 earthquake.

Betsy Funk, Donald Spivey, and Judith Spivey

Betsy Funk (61) talks with her parents, Donald "Don" Spivey (89) and Judy Spivey (88), about raising how Don and Judy raised their four kids in the wilderness, the importance of being in nature and taking backpacking trips, dressing in...

“Your mom was a month early… and she was little and tiny and really cute!”

Jody (Edna Jo) LaFevers was raised in an old 2 story house with a big front porch in a small town on the Missouri border called Viola. Her mother would make all of her clothes, including her prom dress, so...

Laura Otto Phillips chats with her mom, Betty Otto, who says, "I'm a lover, not a fighter!"

Laura Otto Phillips, age 60, has a conversation with her mother, Betty Otto, age 94. Betty chats about growing up on the South Side of Chicago, rationing coupons in WWII, meeting & marrying a US Coast Guard officer Larry Otto....

The Change in this World

Since 1948 so much has changed... families have grown apart and so have communities. So much anger and distance is depicted on television that people believe that is the way that life is supposed to be. I’m earlier times and...

John Downs Interview

We visited about John’s childhood, parenting, special people in his life, military service and his faith.