Parveen Shah, grandma, explains her life as a child before moving to the United States and immigrating there.

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Flemington, New Jersey Leah Shah interviews her grandma Parveen Shah about her childhood in Pakistan and immigrating to the United States. She shares stories about her education and school life as well...

Interview with grandpa

An interview with me (13yrs) and my grandpa (70yrs) about his life for school

conversation with my mom

A son asking his mom about the differences growing up in the Soviet Union and being an immigrant in the United States.

Ernest Mathewson talks about his experience being drafted in the Vietnam era and why that might not have been a bad thing to happen to him

James Connolly interviews his grandfather, Ernest Mathewson. Ernest describes his experiences with luck and fate. Ernest started as a somewhat troubled middle school student. During high school he was sent to a military school where his grades drastically improved and...

A Piece of Her Story: Raising Children and Sending Them to America

Tulasiratnam Cherukuri, 66, tells parts of her story about raising her children and her perspective on America as a Telugu woman in Chennai.

Story Corps

the person that Interview is called Mehari Dante, they are 53 years old and they are a family friends. they talked a lot about childhood memories, relationships with other family/ hard ship of traveling into different country in a young...

Interview with my Grandpa about his education and his immigration to America

In this interview, I asked my grandpa about his educational experiences in Pakistan and Denmark and the process of immigrating to America. He highlighted his journey of learning to value the importance of education and explained how his life and...

Abhishek and Rajesh Shetty

Rajesh talks about marriage and his journey as an immigrant from India to America.

Nazik Messerlian’s interview
September 6, 2023 App Interview

Nazik Messerlian (90) interviewed by grandson Gregory (17) on her life experiences. They discuss life’s challenges and the importance of it all.

Oral History

I interviewed my grandmother on her experience being an immigrant from South Korea

Avery Eisaman interviews her grandmother, Carol Gavin, about her childhood and what it was like for her growing up.

In Port Jefferson, New York on November 25, 2022, Avery Eisaman (13) interviews her grandmother, Carol Gavin, (71) about what it was like growing up in England and her childhood there. They also talked about what it was like to...


In this interview, I asked my dad about his childhood growing up in Nepal and his immigration story to America. I questioned him on various topics that could have effected him and shaped his views.

Part 2

Great grandfather coming to America

Race and Religion in America

Adam Karlek (21) and Jeremy Nicks (22) talk about Adam’s experiences in American society regarding race and religion while discussing what we wish to see change in American culture.

Recording – 11-03-2023 13:43:34

radiographer at local hospital -brief description of radiographer and life as a radiographer