Testimony: Alicia Vazquez

Sonaya Vazquez-Wright (16) interviews Alicia Vazquez (71), her grandmother, about her life stories and memories. They talk about Alicia's childhood in Mexico, her immigration to the US, and about their shared family history.

Grandma’s Childhood

My Grandmother grew up during World War II and migrated to America when she was 11. She had a very unique childhood and believes that the people of my generation should try to get good, basic education to lay a...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandfather and I talked about his life coming to America and how it impacted his life

Obachan Interview

The questions that were naked were along the lines of her moving from Japan to America.

How Opa came to America

We talked about what it was like traveling to America - in a different way from most.

What a full life.

I interviewed my grandma and she told me about her full life and all of the adventures and memories in it.

Arzoo Mustafa’s Life

About the process of marriage and proposal. How Arzoo looked back at her High school years and life growing up.

Lessons on Living

This interview was conducted on January 7, 2018 via Skype. Cecilia Cain from Niskayuna, NY interviews her father, Gerry Cain, in Norfolk, VA. Gerry talks about what it was like growing up with a chronic illness in an African American...

Israel and Setsuko

Ogichan = Grandpa in Japanese Some of the parts of the interview may be spoken in Japanese as that is her primary language. Israel Cortes (14) and Setsuko Yamada (77). I am Israel and Setsuko is my grandma.

Tab and Danny

I held in my emotions, probably didn’t prepare enough, and talked to a slightly tired dad, but over all I feel fulfilled, and still pretty confused about my own life. I sure did learn things about my family that I...

“Not once have I felt like I was not welcomed here.”: A chat about Immigration
October 25, 2017 App Interview

An Interview with a Kamer T. Kamer, born In Canada to a Turkish family, left Canada to Turkey at age 5 to 27, then decided to become an American citizen. This is her story.

Atticus/My dad
December 2, 2017 App Interview

I talked to my dad about his job and all the things he had to overcome in it to be where he is today

An Interview with Dr. Laghaie

Ms. Harton’s class has been studying how the past impacts the present in our Long Ago and Today unit. Please enjoy our first-grade class’ interview with a grandmother in our classroom family as she shares memories of coming to America...

Talk with a good friend

We had a very interesting conversation about different paths of life.

moving from country to country

we talked about the troubles claudia had when moving to america from el salvador.


Recorded in a Auburn hills instead of Rochester hills like i said.(Summary of what Janet White said right after time ran out): I worry for the future generations because the country is on the edge of falling apart. The people...

Interviewing Simon Angulo

my grandpa and i talked about him growing up. we also talked about his relationship with my grandma.