My Brother, my Best Friend

This interview is between my brother and I. We talk about who who was to be, his nickname, and a favorite memory he has of me.

English IV Final Project

Mrs. Rieff grew up on a farm, and was a part of the 4H personality improvement organization. She lived a very happenstance life, which ultimately led her from fashion to teaching and finally to counseling. She always try’s to do...

Thanksgiving interview

A grandson talks to his grandfather about his childhood, civic responsibility and the future of African Americans.


Me and my mom talked about what life had in store for me and what she did when she was little.


Talked about chicken and cow farming.

Charles Rogers and Dale MacMillan

Friends and past co-workers Charles Rogers and Dale MacMillan talk about their experiences as rangers at Buffalo National River in the early days of the park.

Interview with Jennifer Lovel Moore

We talked about her life and any historical events that happened during that time.

Capital Punishment

This interview is my best friends opinion on Capital Punishment

How service in the National Guard led to a life of service in the field of public education.

Dr. Frank Mitchell, National Guard Veteran and Superintendent of Vilonia Public Schools for 27 years shares his experiences and service in the United States National Guard.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

Tenth grader Rachael Daniel shares some of the struggles in her life, how she has overcome them and allowed them to make her a stronger, better person.

Education Over Time

The quality in education and the history of education was mainly talked about in this interview.

Charlotte Brewer and Isabella Brewer discuss life in a small town in the Southern United States in the 1960s and 70s.

In this interview, conducted December 7, 2017 in Memphis, Tennessee, Isabella Brewer (15) interviews her grandmother Charlotte Brewer (63) about her life in multiple small towns in Arkansas in the Southern United States. Ms. Brewer describes her experience in school...

Landon McClure Interview

My dad and I talked about a little bit of everything. He told me about how his loss of job has changed his attitude about things. As well as, the sportings events he has attended and his favorite.

Dondy’s Memories

I ask my wonderful grandmother about her life. And let her know what she means to me.

Interviewing my Grandfather!

Learning about my Grandfather unlocked so much about him I never even knew! Love you grandpa!

My Mother

An interview with my mother about things that she had learned when she was growing up.

Family History

a interview about my family moving from one country to another. she shares some information about the experience and details during the move

An interview with my mom- Sheila Ingle

My mom and I discuss her early childhood and her career with Walmart. We reflected on her family values and success in her personal life and career.

Fighting for Freedom…Finding Faith

Bruce Hendrix, United States military veteran recounts his time of service to our country and how he found his faith