The Great Listen

I asked my dad a lot of questions about his life and his biggest milestones.

Interview with my grandpa :)

Lesson learning, words of wisdom, and a peak into his life are just some of the few things my grandpa talked about in this interview.

Interview with Luciano

Luciano explained a short part of his life

Memories of My Mother

I sat with my mom and my dog and took trip down memory lane.

Cousin Interview (Kristen)

Interviewed my cousin, and asked about her childhood, and growing up

Life long interview

Charlene Lusk is a retired music teach who has a lot of things to explain about her teaching history as well as her childhood.

Audrey Lehman and McKenna Lehman

Audrey Lehman (57) tells her daughter, McKenna Lehman (30), about her upbringing in Utica, New York, meeting her husband at college, and becoming a mother. She shares about her faith and hears what McKenna thinks about observing her practicing her...

The stories that will always last

We talked about my grandma’s childhood and tragedies through out her lives. Also, it was about family stories and traditions.

Michael Tagliapietra and Tyler Carter

Michael Tagliapietra (53) talks with friend and coworker Tyler Carter (27) about their experiences as Paralympians, their work at the United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum, and their hopes for the future.

Jack Pinnas

Jack Pinnas (81) talks with his grandson, Harrison Friedman (22), about his experience in Guatemala as a part of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, and how he almost had his head chopped off while delivering malaria vaccines.

Linda Morgan and Minda Davy

Minda Davy (37) interviews her mother Linda Morgan (60) about her life and the lessons she learned along the way.

Grace Marie Fierro

My mom perserved through many challenges to become the strong independent woman she is today.

William Moody and Elizabeth Moody

William Moody (62) helps his mother Elizabeth Moody (101) to recall stories from her long life. Elizabeth recounts the move her family took from Missouri to Arizona in 1924, and how she made a happy life for herself in Arizona...

Interview with my Grandparents, Toni and Alan Goldey

In this interview, we talked about my grandparents childhood, how they met, and how their different upbringings have brought different aspects to their relationship. Being apart of the Air Force, we discussed how this lifestyle of constantly moving affected their...

Growing up in Yugoslavia

Safet Haseljic was born in Bosnia, Yugoslavia in 1960 and came to America as a refugee in the early 2000's. He talks about his childhood and shares some opinions and views in his very different lifestyles. #globalarizona #arizonastateuniversity #sgs101

Dorothea’s life

Dorothea’s childhood was a learning experience, meeting her husband and learning new things. Moving from Indonesia, holland, and then immigrating to the us was a memorable experience, and from everything defines who she is today.

On The Level #102: Timothy Dougherty talks about his influencers from DeMolay to Freemasonry

Timothy Dougherty got involved in DeMolay as a young man. So when he came of age to join Freemasonry - Tim wasted no time. Tim talked about how his mentors stayed with him from DeMolay to Freemasonry and how they...

Interview with my Mom

In this interview I talk to my mom about her regrets in life but I ask oh ask her why and how I have affected her life.