Nana fae

We went from talking about my grandma's relationship with her siblings, to school, and to her relatioship with her kids. Go on this adventure about my Alma Bowen growing up is the 60s as a ypung bnlavk women

The stories that will always last

We talked about my grandma’s childhood and tragedies through out her lives. Also, it was about family stories and traditions.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I have interviewed my aunt donetta and have asked some questions to how her life has gone.

Miz Amy Thompson Remembered

Crystal Thompson remembering her grandma, Amy Thompson, also known as Miz Amy

Cousin Interview (Kristen)

Interviewed my cousin, and asked about her childhood, and growing up

Grace Marie Fierro

My mom perserved through many challenges to become the strong independent woman she is today.

The Great Listen

Me and my mother talked about her family life and some of her struggles as a child. We also talked about hopes for our future family and happy memories

Interview with my Grandparents, Toni and Alan Goldey

In this interview, we talked about my grandparents childhood, how they met, and how their different upbringings have brought different aspects to their relationship. Being apart of the Air Force, we discussed how this lifestyle of constantly moving affected their...

Interview with Neen Neen

I sat down with my grandma for an interview to discuss a little bit of her childhood and also her life in the United States.

Interview my mom

The reason why I chose my mom is because she is so sweet and caring and that’s the reason I chose plus she has some interesting things to say. She also has been through a lot with me and my...

On the Level #101: Jim Watson, a man with a plan-Part #2

Jim Watson says he's a simple man with a simple plan. Yet he's anything but simple. From the time he was a a young man, certain people in the community had an eye on Jim. And he would prove their...

Dorothea’s life

Dorothea’s childhood was a learning experience, meeting her husband and learning new things. Moving from Indonesia, holland, and then immigrating to the us was a memorable experience, and from everything defines who she is today.

The Great Listen

I asked my dad a lot of questions about his life and his biggest milestones.