Jim Henry and Danielle Henry – Atlanta Sit In 1960

Jim Henry was a junior at Morehouse College in February 1960 when he participated in a sit-in with other black students in Atlanta.

Zaynah Project- F Block History

This recording is about a teenage girl asking questions to her grandmother during Thanksgiving

Southern Truth and Reconciliation (STAR) Interview with Vonceia Robinson RE: The Derius Robinson Case

On May 17, 2018, Ms. Vonceia Robinson gave this StoryCorps interview on behalf of her imprisoned son, Derius Robinson. The interview was conducted by Southern Truth and Reconciliation—STAR Inc., (www.southerntruth.net), a social justice organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. STAR intern,...

Interview with Michelle Fluellen

The story of my mom moving from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands to Atlanta, Georgia.

With my great grandfather

I interviewed my great grandfather about his life and his inspirations and experiences.

Fandom Aid

The fantasy worlds we grow up with follow us into adulthood. However there is a stigma surrounding adults/teenagers who still love their fictional worlds and characters. I’m here with my best friend to discuss how fandoms are helpful and joyous...

Grandpa Noble – Thanksgiving Listen

This interview is about my grandfather’s childhood, our ancestors and what he’s grateful for.

Experiences in School!

I interviewed Ms. Janet Hurley on her experience in school, in which she gives great advice on education, social life, and TRACK! Along with her great education advice, she talks about the importance of minorities getting their education and using...

Elder Family Interview

During this interview we discussed my Great Aunt’s childhood and family. We also talked about me, my grandfather and my mother.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

I interviewed my dad about his childhood and life.

Amplified: My #TimesUp Experience

Here’s my #TimesUp story. I blew the whistle & learned a lot along the way while litigating my case on my own through the justice system. To contact me email gps@xosure365.com

StoryCorps Interview – English 9 – Charlotte Niblett

We talked about life experiences and parts of how he lived. Lots of talk about travel and family and schooling and such a mild adventures as well as rally’s and such.

11/25/18- English Interview (GTL)

I interviewed my aunt who lives in Africa. She has a very interesting life, and I thought she would be a perfect person to interview.

Talking with dad

This interview is about how my dad and his family immigrated to the United States of America.

Death dying and loss

What I have learned in this class and the coping I have had losing my mother to suicide.

Thanksgiving Interview

I talked to my Dad about his childhood and joining the marines.

Marcus and Qaani Girard

Marcus interviewed Qaani on his life and his struggles. It is very interesting.