Interview Project SOCI 4122

For my SOCI 4122 class I was tasked with conducting an interview where a friend would ask my my thoughts on various topics surrounding death, and the lessions I took during the course.

You’re a Very Involved Parent Mr. Greathouse: A Father’s Day Interview

An interview of a father by his daughter. We discuss fatherhood starting with his father, and ending with advice for his kids when they become parents.

Tony Lee and Nicole Shepard

Co-workers Jamal Lee, 24, and Nicole Shepard, 30, talk about their early backgrounds, what go them into education, and the passions that fuel their lives.

Paula Urdaneta

Me and my best friend Paula FaceTimed to talk about our friendship. We haven’t seen each other in a very long time but our friendship is intact.

Monica Jordan and LaTonya Walker – Our "run away" story…

Monica, 48 interviews her cousin LaTonya, 50 about the time they ran away from home during the summer of Atlanta's Missing and Murdered Children. Crazy... we know. While this was a scary time for the citizens of Atlanta, cousins Monica...

Interviewing Grandpa #2: Forrest L. Smith On Race Relations in the South

This is my second interview of my grandfather, Forrest L. Smith. Here he discusses how he experienced racism growing up and how he developed his own attitude of race relations.

Fandom Aid

The fantasy worlds we grow up with follow us into adulthood. However there is a stigma surrounding adults/teenagers who still love their fictional worlds and characters. I’m here with my best friend to discuss how fandoms are helpful and joyous...

Interpersonal communication interview with My Mom

Interview with my mom where I ask her about if she’s proud of me and what advice she’d give her younger self.

Living History: Elementary School with the Civil Rights Movement

Clifford King Harbin explains life in inner city Atlanta in the 60’s and her experience going to school with Martin Luther King Jr.’s sons.

Alisa Perdue and Susan Ross

Susan Ross (61) interviews her friend, Alisa Perdue (47), about her favorite memories as a group member of Sistagraphy, an African American female photography social group.

Interview with my Mother

In this interview I asked my mom a series of questions about the ins and outs of her life.

Bonnie Ruszcyk and Elizabeth Pass

Friends, Elizabeth "Betsy" Corn Pass (40) and Bonnie Ruszczyk (46), talk about their friendship and respective notable moments in their lives.

Sang Park and Sooyoung Kim

Sang Park (82 years old) shares his experience and motivations as a campaign organizer for BJ Pak, the first Korean-American to run for state legislator in the State of Georgia during state elections in Fall 2000. 박상(82) 씨가 2000년 가을에...

The Kirkland’s Thanksgiving with Jodell Kirkland

In this interview my grandma talks about her life and past experiences.

Avery’s Interview

Me and my mom mostly talk about the importance of Family.

Emily Williams (GLA Story Project)

A conversation with Emily Williams, the 2018 GLA New Member Round Table Chair.