Jeremy Ozaeta and Amada Ozaeta

Jeremy Ozaeta (16) and Amada Ozaeta (70) grandson and grandmother discuss the interesting and amazing life of Amada.

James Gibby interviewed by Marilyn Morris

James talks about his life as a high school student during the pandemic and his humanitarian service in Belize.

An interview with my Mom

This interview was about Shirley Chavez. This interview talks about her life. This interview was recorded by Leo Chavez, at Berwyn IL.

Mrs. Maria Moore and Avelina Burgos

Madre y hija Avelina Burgos (90) y Maria Moore (62) habla de la inmigración de Avelina desde Belice a EEUU, tradiciones familiares, y orgullo familiar. [Mother and daughter Avelina Burgos (90) and Mrs. Maria Moore (62) discuss Avelina’s immigration to...

Ian Pearce and Reeve Hamilton

Ian S. Pearce (91) tells his surrogate grandson, Reeve Hamilton (31), about what it was like growing up in Belize City, Belize. He remembers the 1930 hurricane that his family survived and how he came to live in Texas. Ian...

Dinner Talk

Chantel talked about her upbringing as a child, how important family is, and the valuable lessons she’s learned over the years.

Janeen Richards and Patricia Burkett

One Small Step partners Janeen Richards (59) and Patricia Burkett (53) discuss family estrangement due to politics on social media, their Covid experiences, and spirituality.

Leopold Burgos and Carmela Burgos

Siblings Leopold Burgos (34) and Carmela Burgos (35) talk about their ties to family, tradition, and Belize.

Interview with Mom

Got an inside on what my moms life was like before I was introduced into the world.

Joanne Johnson and Jan Roeser

Sisters Jan Roeser (61) and Joanne Johnson (84) talk about their favorite shared family memories including trips to Belize and France.

Paul L. A. Reneau and Murray Pierce

Friends, Murray Pierce (66) and Paul L. A. Reneau (61), talk about their experiences as former athletes at the University of Montana, membership with the Black Student Union, athletic career, and living in Missoula, Montana.

Delva Vasquez Chavez and Justin Chavez

Justin Chavez (40) has a conversation with his mother, Delva Vasquez Chavez (73), about her family background, upbringing, life in Belize, travel stories, and love for family members.

Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her childhood, her friend Micky who taught her a lot in her life, and how she celebrated Thanksgiving as a kid.