Verna 2

Talked about jobs, advice she’d give to future generations, sang “you are my sunshine”, and talked about her early life.

The Teacher

This is an interview of Marie Sasser done by her Grandaughter, myself, Clara William where we discuss growing up in a small town and her life as a teacher in a much larger town.

Thanksgiving with Grandma

Maya talked to her almost 80 year old grandmother about the past and future

Grandma Kay

My lovely grandma and I spoke of accomplishments, life, love, and family. I could not be more proud to be her grand-darling. Cheers to the kindness in her heart! She grins in the Interview photo with her sibilings, her in...

Claire Koeplin and Mike Cooley

We talked about Mike’s life and his job owning George’s Cycles.


Jordyn B. talks about her past and how it has impacted her as well as the way that she sees her future now.

Interviewing a War Hero: Jake and Joe Ryther

Jake Ryther (14) talks with Joe Ryther (43) about his experiences in the 20 years he spent serving his country.

Antonio Cariello & Giuseppe Marrone

Antonio Cariello (me), and my soon-to-be 81 years old grandpa go over his best and worst moments. These span from his childhood during World War II to his experience fighting lymphoma, covering subjects like marriage and the birth of children...

Self Discovery

This interview talks about self-identity and discovering what that means to us. As well as sexuality and things that aren’t what society would consider the “norm.”