Interview with my nana

I ask questions about my nana’a life growing up in the United States as she moved from Italy at the young age of 8 years old. I ask questions about adapting to a new country, learning English, raising children and...

Kyle Alves and Kerri Mclaughlin great thanksgiving listen

My mother loves her family very much. It is one of the most important things in the world to her.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen w/ my mother
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview my mother and I talked about her childhood compared to her adulthood and about her family’s importance to her.

An Interview with Liz

I am interviewing Liz, who is one of the people managing the tutoring program at Artist For Humanity.

Mi Mama

In the interview, I asked my mother about her childhood, lessons she had learned, who had made an impact of her life and much more.

AP Language Thanksgiving Interview: Mother 2018

I interviewed my mom, who like my dad, was an immigrant to America from Nigeria. She talks about the experience of being an immigrant and also living in America for a long time. Despite the label of “immigrant”, you’d also...


In this interview Alyssa Norton and Mary Matthews talked about Mary’s past and some of her greatest memories. Mary shared her stories of when she was a child and how she met her first love.

“The ultimate meaning:” A Classics Publisher

It’s a go-to book series, an encyclopedia of Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Islamic thinkers: Paulist Press’ “Classics of Western Spirituality.” And it was started under the leadership of Paulist Fr. Kevin Lynch. In this interview, Fr. Kevin, age 93, talks...

John real

An interview of my successful stepdad

GL step 4: Interview

We discussed his life experiences and what it was like. We also got into depth about what he learned throughout his life

Mother and Daughter Dynamic Duo

A day in the life of Diana Fischer-Reddick who is my lovely mother! We talked about childhood, struggles, views on society, and family.

Mami’s Words of the Wiser

Overall, my Mom has been through a lot during her many years fof this strange thing called life. And I’m happy to know her as not only my Mom, the person who gabe birth to me, but a Best Friend...

Grabación con Alyssa

Alyssa describe su interés en música y como ella metió en música

Tiffany Do and her librarian, Cindy Die, talks about her happiest moments in Boston, Massachusetts.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, Tiffany Do (16) interviews her librarian Cindy Die (60) about her happiest moments in her college experience. Ms. Die shares stories about what she have learned in life as she...