Alessandra Woo and Rachel Skerritt

Alessandra Woo ('25), an eighth grader at The Boston Latin School, talks with Rachel Skerritt ('95), the head of school, about what it is like to be leading the oldest public school in the nation through 2020.

Interview with Dad

I just asked my dad a couple questions about the impacts on his life and the legacy he wants

An interview with my mother.

In this interview I ask my mom questions about her life and what her parents were like.


I got to the Boston for the first time and take a taxi to my homestay by myself

Kara Donovan Interview

Kara Donovan tell us about her interesting childhood and explains more about her current life.

Emme Crane interviewing her dad

Emme Crane: 2022-11-27 19:38:16 I asked my dad about a total of 10 questions and he answered them very honestly. I think it was a good choice of interviewing him as he had a very different life.

Talking to One of the Best People I Know

Talking to my best friend about college, goals to help youth through journalism and some fun stories and tangents. I am living with this man child next year.

Robert Flynn and Bob Flynn

Bob (93) shares with his son Robert some of the highlights of his life. His first job was at a fledling TV Station (NBC) in NY. He spent his entire 40 yr career there w/ a short stint in the...


I interviewed my mom about growing up in Honduras, going to school in Boston, and her early relationship with my dad.

Wheeler – Mentor

This is an interview that i did with one of my mentors on race, in which she gives an in depth discussion on ways that we as a society can progress

Interviewing Yuto about his personality change after leaving Japan

Yuto Yamada(20) interviewed by Maya Bolling (20) about growing up in Japan, and how his personality changed after experiencing foreign culture, and how he is handling being abroad during the pandemic. The two met when Yuto returned from America while...

The life of my Chemistry teacher

I asked Mr.Fornaro my chemistry teacher many things he is or was grateful for in the past. We get into specifics on how it's been for him teaching chemistry class for our grade and this year.

Audrey Morrissey and Lisa Goldblatt Grace

Co-Executive Directors Audrey Morrissey (58) and Lisa Goldblatt Grace (53) of My Life My Choice remember their first meeting, reflect on the growth of their organization My Life My Choice, and discuss the importance of uplifting the voices of survivors...

Interview with My Uncle

I decided to interview my uncle because he grew up with 10 siblings and he grew up when things were very inexpensive and I thought that it was very interesting.

Summer project

My grandmother telling me a story about when she was younger and how she wanted to be a lawyer.

Seth Vallentine

Seth Vallentine: 2021-01-20 02:07:30 Me and my friend my friend Miles talked about memories of our early years