Thanksgiving Interview :)

My mom, being a first generation immigrant to the United States, spent a lot of her life living around the world, which brought challenges and obstacles that she had to tackle. She describes her childhood and how the little moments...

Dayene Santo and Diana Guyton

Diana Guyton (22) interviews Dayene Santo (36) about her family's immigration from Brazil and how she decided to open up her own food truck when she was unable to be hired due to her immigration status.

American Studies Immigration Interview

An immigrant from Brazil was asked questions regarding the reasons that he moved.

The Story of Hilmar de Moraes Part 4

Hear the story of Hilmar de Moraes, from childhood stories to achieving his job. Listen to his viewpoints and his wisdom. Pay close attention to his knowledge on the society and how to self-educate. Escute a história de Hilmar de...

My Isnpiration in life

In this interview that took place in two different locations. Through Skype, Maria Eugênia (19), a Brazilian international student, interviews her mother, Marisa (49), that is current in her home country Brazil. It happened on October, 2017, on a Monday...

. . .all I could hear was the piano from the window. I was enchanted by that sound.

Executive Director of the St Paul Conservatory of Music Cléa Galhano and Administrative Director Laura Nortwen are musicians that breath life and soul into running the conservatory on a daily basis. With this conversation, they learn about each other's musical...

Life of Jaclyn Glombowski Engele

The life of the wonderful Jaclyn Glombowski Engele and her daughter Anais Engele talk about Jaclyn's life and how her daughter Anais was as a kid.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mother, Luciane DosSantos. Born and raised in Brazil, she has many past experiences to share.

Immigration Project

Today I interviewed my cousins wife, Tarcia, to learn out her journey here from Brazil

Maycon's Story: A Brazilian American Perspective on Race & Immigration

Lara Mangialardi (28) interviews her cousin's husband, Maycon, (30) about his experience leaving Brazil as a young child for a life in the United States. Maycon's story features his perception of racial discrimination as a social justice issue that is...

Reminiscing, Remembering and Rejoicing

Aziza Abutouk a Brazilian and Maher Abutouk a Jordanian both parents living their childhood dream of coming to the United States sit down and answer 5 questions each about their past memories. In which they still hold on to today...

Valdir Solera and Syma Mohammed

Valdir Solera Jr. (31) talks with StoryCorps interviewer and friend, Syma Mohammed (33), about his involvement in his community in Mauii getting refugees and immigrants registered to vote, as well as his position as a delegate for Refugee Congress. He...

Glenda Miller and Olivia West

Olivia West talks with fellow church member Glenda Miller about her life as a Missionary Nurse in Brazil, people who have inspired her, and how she came to know Christ.

Culture of Brazil Compared to Culture in America

In this Interview, I talked with my long time friend Malu, about some of the cultural differences between her life in Brazil, and when she came to school in Milwaukee WI.

Interview with an older generation

My aunt explains what she and my dad were like when they were a child growing up in brazil

Laurie Brown, Julie Brown, and Joanna Brown

Laurie Brown (91) talks to Joanna Brown (57) and Julie Brown (56) about switching his major in college. He studied Physics and then became professor. After college he joined the military.

Immigration interview

Affifi Mulkigian is an immigrant from Brazil my grandmother 73 years old.

Coming To America: Mariam Elias

I interviewed my grandmother for a sophomore American History class about how she came to this country and her journey.

The Story of Hilmar de Moraes Part 3

Hear the story of Hilmar de Moraes, from childhood stories to achieving his job. Listen to his viewpoints and his wisdom. Pay close attention to his knowledge on the society and how to self-educate. Escute a história de Hilmar de...

Yuri Ramos and Frency Moore

Yuri Ramos (36) reflects upon the memory of his mother, an immigrant from Brazil, with his sister Frency Ramos Moore (31). They have a conversation on the anniversary of their mother’s death who was killed by a drunk driver coming...

April Shankles and Donna Luetters

One Small Step partners April Shankles (58) and Donna Luetters (70) have a conversation touching on their differing views of religion, kneeling protests during the National Anthem, and the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss the connection they have with adoption:...