Freeman Shore and Wini Freund

Brother and sister Freeman Shore (82) and Wini Freund [no age given] discuss growing up, their family history, and how they got involved at Central Synagogue.

Zakiya Johnson Lord and Chen Foley

Zakiya Johnson Lord (35) and Chen Foley (36) talk about their shared identity of being black, gay native Bermudians. They talk about their pride in their heritage and their frustration in the slowness of evolution of rights in Bermuda. They...

Getting to know my Mom

So ask your questions about her childhood and how her experience of everything that she's been through I shaped her and positive or negative way this person and what I mean to her and what she never got to tell...

Jack Kay and Cathy Kay

Jackson "Jack" Kay (92) tells his daughter Cathy Kay (54) about growing up in a boarding school in Philadelphia, working in the Army during World War Two as a medical stenographer, and lessons he has learned about life.

Dad’s interview

My step dad had a very good life but also like he said, his grandma was pretty tough

Interview with Grandma Gelling

We talked about her childhood in Brooklyn during the 20's, 30's and 40's and family.

“I realized I spent a whole lot of time of being disappointed instead of moving on with things.”

My grandmother, Mary Guzzo, was born and grew up in a poverty stricken community in Brooklyn, New York. She lived in a small apartment complex with her older sister and two younger brothers. Her father remained in her life until...

My interview with grandma

My grandma has lived through so much history at 90 years old. She has lived in Brooklyn, NY her entire life. I’ve learned so much from her. In this interview she shares stories of her youth, her life and her...

Harold Raines, Yvette Russell, and Hunter Russell-Horton

Harold Raines (72) speaks to his neighbors, mother and son Yvette Russell (53) and Hunter Russell-Horton (17) about life in Harlem. They reflect on the their memories of the neighborhood, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their hopes for...

Kiera Yarrow’s interview with Walter Yarrow

Kiera Yarrow interviews her grandfather Walter Yarrow asking him about school, life experiences, and life lessons.

Baer Family History with Inge & Irene

Inge Baer Corless and Irene Baer Friendly share their memories of childhood, escaping Nazi Germany, their mother Theresia’s failing health, a stay in a Catholic orphanage, the fate of their father Ernst’s family members who could not make it out...

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!” – memoirs of a life devoted to teaching students in Brooklyn, NY.

An interview inquiring about the interviewee's decision to pursue a career in education, how he handled stress, and lessons he learned. The interview ends with his life's most memorable memory.

nana 2023 part 3

final section of our 2023 interview with nana

1940 Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Michael (54) asks his father Ted Heaton (86) about some activities of his youth in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC. Picking coal, vendors and street games