Growing Up in the Suburbs of LA

Gabriel talks about a canal that he used to play in as a child and how LA differs now from the 80s.

About my Mom

My mom is going to tell you how her childhood was. Everything that was an up and everything that was a down. Just know everything she is saying is pure from heart.

Joseph Young and Sabrina Kareem

Joseph Young (83) is interviewed by his daughter Sabrina Anfossi Kareem (36) about his life growing up and running away a lot.

Story corps family interview

My mom believes the government should help the people by providing jobs and security.

Mary Jane Rodrigues and her granddaughter Izabella Rodrigues talk about family history and her childhood

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Izabella Rodrigues (15) interviews her grandmother Mary Jane Rodrigues (73) about their family history and her teenage life. Mrs. Rodrigues shares stories about her summers and her jobs as...

Lee Loftin talking about religion and movies

Lee Loftin discusses the death of his cousin in 2016, his views on religion, and film makers who influenced his life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017 11/27/17

My mom told me some old men worked about making friends and teachers that have helped her.

The great thanksgiving listen 2017

Most of what was talked about was childhood and work. With a few other questions about relationships and school.

Hazel reminisces about her childhood immigration to Canada and later the USA.

Hazel and her family moved to Canada from England when she was a young child and later they had to move to the USA. She takes us through her memories of the immigration and her childhood.


We tales about how she was as a Child and who influenced her the most

Story time

This interview between my grandma Sharen and I, Wyatt Dyer was taken at her house in Malibu. This interview talked mainly about funny stories that my grandma Sharen has heard or seen to tell again. Whether it's about me, my...

Childhood Memories

In this interview, I mainly asked my mother about how she grew up and what it was like. She told me about growing up in Mexico, as well as a short story involving a tarantula. She is the strongest person...

"Be Your Greatest": The Story of Two Black Teens from Wichita, Kansas

My aunt and dad reminisce about racial tensions, dumb decisions, and run-ins with the law in the Middle of Nowhere, USA. If you like comedic, feel-good stories about smalltown life in the 80s, then give it a listen!

An Interview with my 89-year-old grandfather, Emmit Ackdoe

This interview is with my grandpa, as he recounts his professional studies in Psychiatry, his love for The Little Prince, his travels to Paris and the rest of the world, and how he met my grandmother and raised a family,...

melindas life in a nut shell

Talk about my grandmas life and what it was like. This is a shorter version of another video.

Allison and Alix talk about their favorite Thanksgivings.

Alix and her mom Allison talk about favorite Thanksgivings of the past and how the holidays have changed for her as she has grown up.

Childhood in the 80’s

This is an interview of my dad’s life in California in the 1980’s