My grandma gloria

This interview was done with my beautiful grandma, Gloria Navarro. In August, I have been informed that she has been diagnosed with cancer. I thought i’d record my grandmother and learn from the words she laid out for me. Here...

Interview with Mom

We discussed her life growing up in L.A. and her family, as well as political views and protesting. She talked about her wishes for future generations of our family and I, and how she wants to be remembered.

I interview my mom in the Great thanksgiving Listen Project about our childhoods

I interview my mother about her life and my early years. I learned that my dad never formally proposed to my mom and that he gave her a borrowed ring. I also realized how much my mom truly does for...

Kaylee and Kim Garcia

Kaylee asks her mom about her childhood and growing up. They look at differences in their childhood and similarities such as how much they like school. Kim talked about other things some kids get to do like going to camps....

The Great Thanks Giving Listen- Armida Clarissa Macias

In my interview, I interviewed my grandma in my room on a comfy sofa on Thanksgiving day. In the interview, she mentions how her childhood was like and what her values are and how she really enjoyed going to school...

Growing Up & School

I asked about her personal life, past, expectations, and her advices.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Sister

This is my 19-year-old sister. The recording took place in Salinas, California during the night of Thanksgiving. From her responses, I noticed the slightly different experiences, emotions, thoughts, etc.. Advice was given, relationships were mentioned, and mainly, some survival tips...

Mathew and his mom

Me and my mom go over her childhood and how it was when she was a child

Interview with Mom

My mom and I talked about her teenage and child life and how that shaped the person she was today. Also, about how her childhood lead to adulthood. We talked about current job status and working conditions.

Jose Rodriguez.

In this interview, we talked about Jose’s experience meeting his wife, Leticia, and coming into the United States; with a glimpse of his Childhood.

My Grandpa’s Experience in the CIA

The CIA is one of the world’s most secretive agencies, and my grandpa was involved.  This interview for the Great Holiday listen on storycorps was about my grandpa, Lou Eisenbarth experience and memories from his time in the CIA. My name...

Service Learning Project

Asking my mother questions about her experience from an a child till now.

Service Learning Interview

I interviewed my mother names Lorena Viella. We mostly talked about her personal life and family.

A+ Story

Interview for human connections. And the power of vulnerability.

How Life can Change, But Still Br Amazing

We will never know what life was like before our time, but we can be given ideas. My name is Sierra Johnson, I’m fifteen, and I live in Los Angeles, California. I interviewed my grandmother, Loretta Scherer on what her...

Interviewing my best friend

This interview was made to my mom who is also my best friend.

Mama actually goes to California

Mama Miller shares her experience of moving with her husband from the East coast to southern California.