Sergio’s story

In this interview Sergio Flores speaks about his feelings and journey throughout life.Sergio had to overcome many obstacles in life and he explains how he moved past them.

The importance of learning a second language

We began after asking about one positive and one negative experience, which led into a discussion about regretting not learning Spanish.

Me and My Mom

My mom and I sit down to talk about some family stuff, some random small talk, and other things.

Who is Ashley

Hi! This is my roommate Ashley. She's a really cool girl :)

All about my mother

This about Alma Nunez who grew up in Mexico and America. Its also about her family and friend's also what she would do on school

Marlen Reyes

This is about a woman and her struggles and happy moments while coming to the United States to create a better life for her and her family.

Tony Velleca (My Dad)

My dad's life, his jobs, his wife, his childhood, and hopes for our world in the future!

Me, My Mom, and My Microphone

We discussed family heritage, my moms growth in life, and our most crucial life lessons.

Step by Step

Ah, Thanksgiving. No better time for a step mom to get real with her step daughter. This interview has a step daughter interview her step mom. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and turkey was eaten. This is the story...

The importance of family

In this interview, conducted in April 23 in Orange, California. Gabrielle Wilson(21) interviewed her grandmother Dianne Wilson(80) about her life growing up. She talked about family and her childhood with her 2 sisters and 1 brother. She also talked about...

Milissa Ackerley and Larry Patten
November 29, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversations partners Milissa Ackerley (61) and Larry Patten (69) talk about their relationship with faith and politics, and the need for more bridge-builders across political divides.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her life and when she was younger. She also talked about some of our family members, my mom when she was younger

Interview With an Old Man #Greatlisten

I learned about my dad a lot more and how my grandpa was as I kid. I had no idea that someone in my family was an indentured servant.

An interview with my mom

My mom and I talked about having children and what I was like as a child.

St. Peter’s by the Sea Presbyterian Church, Don Fraser

Don Fraser is 102 years old and talks about life as a child, being a boat captain in World War 2 and being an active member and leader in his church community.