"My children and my religion: my posterity. Those are the two most important things to me."

A grandchild's interview with her grandmother, Danielle Hyatt, born in 1958, in Provo, Utah. She talks about growing up and moving everywhere from Indiana to England. She grew up in a very religious family (Mormon), with five siblings, three of...

Service Learning Interview

My mother speaks on her life experiences and accomplishments.

Brother interviewing Sister .

This interview is abouty sister and what she has gone through most of her life. She gives advice and future messages to her brothers and grandchildren.

Mommy’s Words

Hello my name is Maria Espinoza, and in this audio I am interviewing my mom, Nidia Soto. We talked about my life as a child and now as a teenager. We also talked about how becoming a parent changed her...

The importance of learning a second language

We began after asking about one positive and one negative experience, which led into a discussion about regretting not learning Spanish.

Interview with a vampire

We talked about my mom’s childhood and advice that she has for me.

Enrique’s Interview

Enrique talked about himself. Enrique also talked about his values and explained situations

Shannon my mom

We talked about my moms childhood. We also talked about what she wanted for my life

Me and my mom talking about life

Me and my mom talk about her life, and her illness living with MS.

Magistra’s life story

My advisor Mary Richards (aka Magistra) and I talk about her childhood, best memories, parts of her career, and experiences who make her who she is.

Step by Step

Ah, Thanksgiving. No better time for a step mom to get real with her step daughter. This interview has a step daughter interview her step mom. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and turkey was eaten. This is the story...

Entrevista de La Vida de Mi Mama-Jose Velasquez

Some thoughts and opinions my mother chose to say based off of what she has gone through in her life.

Catcher in the rye

Moving and staying in California was the most life changing moment for her

Life Behind Dad

This is the life behind my Step-Dad Albert Vasquez