Patricia Ann Leland

Pat talks about her childhood, her art, and her approach to life.

Interview with Grandparents

In the interview we talked about what my grandparents life was like when they were my age.

Steve Desroches and David Mayo

Steve Desroches (47) and David Mayo (81) talk about part of the cultural history of Provincetown, Massachusetts, including Mayo's experiences seeing concerts by Nina Simone and Eartha Kitt as well as growing up in an art colony and living several...

Kay Kurz

Mom remembers meeting Martha Sullivan Young and stories about her and Richard Kurz.


This is a recording of my grandmother, barbara sifflard, sharing the stories of her life, her perfect love story, and the memories of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Sandy Macfarlane and Trish Morse

Sandy Macfarlane and Trish Morse discuss being firsts (female shellfish biologist in Massachusetts and female Ph.D. from Woods Hole, respectively) and meeting for the first time through the New England Estuarine Research Society.

Mary Jo Peed and Joe O’Geen

Joe O'Geen (32) has a conversation with his mom, Mary Jo Peed (64), about her childhood, education and career path.

Steve Desroches and Jay Critchley

Steve Desroches (47) and Jay Critchley (74) talk about ReRooters Day a holiday unique to Provincetown, Massachusetts that Critchley created in 1983. Celebrated every year on January 7 on the flats of the East End of town its a beloved...

Melissa Greenwald and Anneke Kat

Melissa Greenwald (56) talks with her daughter Anneke Kat (27) about their cultural identity, having roots and family history in West Philadelphia, how living in the Netherlands and Cape Cod shaped them, their sense of space and identity, and the...

Interview with grandma re dating, wedding, honeymoon

Sora Frankel, born in 1919, recalls her first date, courtship, wedding and honeymoon in New York City in a conversation with her grandson.

Andrew Burnham and Brendan Daly

One Small Step partners, Andrew Burnham (50) and Brendan Daly (59), share their political beliefs, their shared experience of the non-profit world and come to reminisce about how politics didn't used to be such a touchy subject.

Maggie’s Interview with Nana

Maggie’s interview with her Nana, Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, 2017.

Interview with my Mom

This interview Is between 12 year old Aidan Adams and Stacy Adams, his Mom while visting Kingston, NY during Thanksgiving.

Peter and Leo Fontneau 1946-1964

Leo Fontneau talks with his grandpa, Peter Fontneau, about his childhood growing up in Winchester Mass. and memories of the life of his father and grandmother. Other topics include, the US Coast Guard and the Cold War.