Interview with Dad – September 2019

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer in April 2019. We took a trip to NYC to check off items on his bucket list and knowing this is the last trip we would take, I wanted to...

Interview Nov 26
November 26, 2017 App Interview

An interview with my grandfather. I ask him about life, future generations, and his childhood.

Megan Daly interviews Michaelena Sheehan on her relationship with her relatives.

We talked about her family and what they’re like. We also discussed her pets and nicknames.

Freddys early life and how it’s changed him.

In this interview Freddy explained what he went through as a kid and how he is now living his life. He sounds very responsible and has a good head on his shoulders.How did your partner react to the interview? I...

All about John

John answers a couple of questions from Javier

Chicago in Film: A History

Film Critic talks the History of Film in Chicago and Chicago in Film

Thanksgiving Interview

What makes people happy throughout a long life. What are some good morals to have.

Interviewing my amazing grandpa

In this interview, I talked with my grandpa. We talk about his childhood in Chicago and his time working in the technology world.

Part 2

We talked about Ms.Shelton life as a whole


My Aunt talks about her life growing up and lessons she learned along the way.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A interview with my grandma, sharing insightful life lessons and story throughout her life.

Juan Partida’s Life

My dad, Juan Partida, shares about his early childhood, favorite family traditions, and how he met my mom.

Thaddeus Murphy’s Take on Progressing from a Poor Childhood to a Successful Lawyer

Thad Murphy discusses his timeline from working as a minor in order to help his family to working at his education and law school. He discusses law school as he experienced it: difficult and stressful, yet fulfilling and gratifying. Additionally,...

The Roots That Keep Me Strong

This interview talks about the roots that keep my dad, Heraclio Cruz, standing strong.

My First Interview
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Jasmine discussed some of her inspirations, as well as her childhood. She also spoke about two key pieces of her adult life.

The Chicago Riots (1968)

8th grade history project about Chicago Riots and living at that time (by Slade Jacobs)

An immigrant’s journey: From Venezuela to the U.S.
December 5, 2017 App Interview

This is the immigration journey of Marilyn, a Venezuelan girl who left her country, due to increased violence, and came to the US to pursue a better future

Our Pursuit of happiness

Maria Martinez , a mother of 4 , married and happy. No obstical turned her down.