Jeremiah Rufus and May W.

Friends Jeremiah Rufus (21) and May W. (21) talk about their upbringings, their conceptions of God, and their experiences with religion and spirituality.

Book Talk: Ian Drury & Allegra Dugan discuss literature, benefits of reading, and timeless novels.

Drury and Dugan discuss the challenges of finding one’s path in the world, blooming in the face of darkness, and influencial people and events. Also mentioning various books that have stuck with them and hopes for the future.

Librada and Olivia 11/29

I spoke with mom about lessons learned while building resilience.

My “Nana”; A Journey of Hard Work

A story told by a grandpa about his up bringing and his perseverance to tackling the real world asked by his granddaughter. His passion for education and success reflects off of his aspirations and struggles.

Interview with Marianne and River Morgan

River Morgan asks his mom about her life as a journalist and a few other profound questions.

Costello Pride

Elle Costello interviews her dad, Dan Costello, and they talk about family and Costello pride.

George and Dale

George Schiller remembers growing up with his brother and best friend Dale.

Heidi Rockwell and Dr. Jessie Leyse, MD. "It's Been a Long Year."

Heidi Rockwell: 2020-11-29 01:53:02 Heidi Rockwell (51) talks with her niece Dr. Jessie Leyse (37) about her journey to become an Infectious Disease physician and how that path has prepared her to address 2020's Covid-19 global pandemic.

Aunt Martha 3

Aunt Martha talks about death. She discussed her friends and relatives who have passed on and her time with them.

What we wore, when we were young….

Talking about what they wore when they were young, and what it was like to teach back then

A Director’s background
November 12, 2020 App Interview

My Cinematic Storytelling professor answers some questions about the filmmaking as he looks back into his career.

Josh and Joseph

Best friends Josh and Joseph discuss the past, possible futures, regrets, and dreams.

Sterling Tate and Jonathan Kelley

Sterling Tate (49) talks to his friend Jonathan Kelley (48) about growing up on the West Side of Chicago, coaching basketball, and his work with youth on the West Side.

Robin Gonzalez

Robin Gonzalez is a woman originally from New Mexico, moving to Chicago in her early twenties. Moving to Chicago soon after having her children when she was nineteen has had a tremendous impact on her life and career. In this...

Greg Palumbo

Eliza Palumbo: 2020-11-21 17:05:36 Greg Palumbo discusses his life as coach of baseball and wheelchair basketball.

Christina Semmel and Arielle Semmel

Christina Semmel (70) talks to her daughter Arielle Semmel (40) about growing up with her brother and three sisters in a two bedroom apartment in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago in the 1950s and 60s.

David ware Ashburn, Virginia

Yvette talked about how you shouldn't criticise people on how they look or sound like. She also talked about how you shouldn't make dumb decisions.

“It was as if I never heard that before…”

Father Steve Petroff is a kind of survivor on the spiritual journey--a model for anyone who believes that if you work hard and stay close to God, doors that appeared closed will open. Just before his ordination as a Paulist...