Stephanie Thompson and Pamela Fairley

Stephanie Thompson (47) and her coworker Pamela Fairley (42), talk about breaking the stigmas associated with recipients of housing vouchers and residents of public housing. They talk about their childhoods, education, work history, and the economic and housing challenges they've...

Grandma’s Life

My grandmother gives us a brief story of her relationship with my grandfather and being a mother to my father.

My sister and I

This interview was about my older sister who is one of my role models and we were talking about how her life was in high school

Moralities and Beliefs

This is an interview about Lorenzo’s beliefs, memories, and plans for the future. This includes stories about family memories and reasons why you shouldn’t be inferior to anyone in high school. And reasons to be recognized and view as a...

Dorothy Moore and Sharon Moore

Dorothy Moore (82) talks to her daughter, Dr. Sharon Moore (53), about growing up in Southern Louisiana, moving to Chicago in the late 1950s, work, marriage, motherhood, and buying her first home.

Living History Project: 1960’s

I interviewed my grandpa, Angelo Savaiano (76). We spoke about the 1960’s and his experiences during that time period.

The great thanksgiving listen interview whit Kathy

One thing that’s was said a lot was to be kind a lot . Another thing that young people are being involved with politics a lot more then back then.

Living history project

Palestinian and Israeli conflict. Grandpa Mohammad

Anthony and Kenneth DeMarco

Growing up in the city of Chicago, going off to college, and raising kids.

Ashley Stephenson and Nancy Zook

Ashley Stephenson (18) talks to her teacher Nancy Zook (55) about graduating from high school and her hopes for the future.

Vito Simone, Josephine Simone , and Raymond Lauk

Raymond Lauk (59) spoke to his great uncle and aunt, Vito (92) and Josephine Simone (90). Vito served on the USS WASP aircraft carrier during World War II. He recalls his time serving for the military and how he met...

Richard Dobbins and Sherry Williams

Richard Dobbins Jr. (70) tells friend and colleague Sherry Williams (58) about growing up in Bronzeville, Chicago, and being in the Navy during the later '60s, early '70s.

Unknown Titans Interview

I, Nicholas Manna(age 16) interviewed 16 year old Henry Bautista(age 16) on his Grandparents story of immigration into the United States of America.

War on Terror Interview – Ammar Khan

An interview on my mom’s experience on the war on terror.

Joe Voigts and Jessica Voigts

Jessica Voights (33) speaks to her cousin, Joe Voights (32) about their travels and what they think of one another.

Let’s talk about Playfulness with my Mom

Mother and Daughter, Jaliyah Tubbs (19) and Seneca Harris (47) discuss Playfulness in our lives especially our childhood.