Interview an occupational therapist

How this occupational therapist became an agent of change.

Hunter Bonner/ Qing Liang

Interview was based on the differences in education between the United States and China.

Renee Vaughn and Nick Schmidt

Renee Vaughn (52) and her husband, Nick Schmidt (52), speak about expanding their family through adoption after they became "empty nesters." They talk about adopting children with special needs and health concerns.

Kung Fu and MingJian Dan: A Great Thanksgiving Listen

On November 26th, after a long Thanksgiving break, I interviewed MingJian Dan. He is an RTF student who is incredibly involved in Martial Arts. I met him three months ago. We both live in University Towers. I asked him about...

Chinese Imigrant
November 24, 2017 App Interview

This is my very good friend KeXu and she immigrated from Beijing, China when she was 46.

Ella talking to her NaiNai about her life from China to the States.
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted November 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ella Liu (16) interviews her Grandmother Tina Liu (76 born in 1942). Ella asks her NaiNai about her childhood so she can recall memories from China and coming to the United...

Interviewing my mom

We talked about her past. She told me about her family and what she enjoyed as a child.

Interview with Leslie Berenfeld

I had an interview with my lovely mother on October 7, 2018. We discussed what it is like to be a parent, her favorite memories of me, and more. We discussed snippets of her childhood and other parts of her...

My Asian Dad

This is about his life and my life, and everything in between.

LHP w/ My Grandpa

My grandpa talked about his life in China when he was little and showed photos of his family, ranging from the 1940s to early 2000s (there was a lot).

Moses Enter and Nadine

Moses Enter talks with Nadine about her thoughts on China, the Chinese government, and Western nations.

Sally Gilbert and Jeri Thompson

One Small Step conversation partners Sally Gilbert (67) and Jeri Thompson (63) discuss their shared experiences growing up in the South, raising children, and reckoning with their race. They reflect on their generational connection and their hopes for the future.

David Durovy and Peggy Gup

One Small Step conversation partners, David Durovy (71) and Peggy Watts Gup (67), discuss their experiences as adoptive and foster parents. Peggy talks about being a life-long activist how the 2016 election prompted her to make major changes in her...

Mark Smith and Lyons Burke

One Small Step partners Mark Smith (66) and Lyons Burke (78) discuss American politics, their careers, hypothetical scenarios, and family values.

An interview with my grandma

My grandma discusses life as the daughter of an aristocrat during the Chinese Land Reform, her 60-year marriage with my grandpa, and her immigration to America in the 80s. (Part 2)

My Adoption

In this interview we talked about my parents’ journey of adopting me and everything that happened before and after.

David Straange and Xiaoyin Xie

Significant others David Straange (30) and Xiaoyin Xie (28) sit down to discuss their ideas of home. They discuss their childhoods, Xiaoyin's experience as an immigrant, and the importance of art in their lives.

My Cousin, Beth’s Life In China

This interview is about my cousin’s life living in china. We talked about covid, her life, our relationship, and more.