Thanksgiving listen with family member 2019

We talked about my grandma's life and her relatives, parents etc. And what kind of things she had to face and the struggles in her life.

Roark Psychology Project_Harper

I interviewed my grandmother who offered me helpful advice!

David to David, Father to Son. (Ms. Cortez period 4)

This interview is a part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. This interview features a father and son, both named David, going over some important parts of their lives. This interview is mostly about family, life experiences, and life in general.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview With Grandpa

An interview with my grandpa about who inspired him most, his childhood, my moms childhood, and my childhood.


We talked about how he didn’t have girls

Thanksgiving 50 Years Ago
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Inverviewing my mom on what thanksgiving was like during her childhood.

What Can One Generation Learn From Another by Basil Petti-Kassovic

This Interview is about me and my grandmother going over some of the happiest days of your life and also some of the hardest days of her life and many other questions. This is also about but one generation can...