interview w mom

we talked about the topic of her life in cuba and her coming to the states.

My Grandfather’s past

This is an interview in Spanish about my grandfather and his life, from where and how it started to how it is now.

Grandma Interview

We talked a lot about her relationship with her family and her husband. Also the different things that have happened in her life.

Alex Guerra interviews Leo Guerra

Alex ask Leo, his father, about where he grew up and some questions about his life.

interview with poppy (richard remirez)

We talked about my grandfathers immigration to America from Cuba, and what his life was like after he immigrated.

Interview with Lucia Zas (mother)

This interview was in Spanish. It talked about the life my mother, Lucia, had in Cuba. The events that occurred, how her father was a doctor and it was very difficult to leave because he was needed in hospitals.

Adventure 5 project pathway

For adventure 5 project pathway talking about my moms childhood and life raising me

Growing up Cuban In North Jersey

My father and I discussed the experiences we had growing up in the same home town. We focused on what being Cuban meant to us here and how it is dificult to maintain culture as imigrant families continue to exist...

Religion Project

We discussed who in my grandmothers life impacted her the most and how her job was a reflection of the way she lives her life.

Edward Bartley

“Don’t smoke at night and keep your head down”- wisdom from my grandfather who always has his two cents to add and never fails to make us laugh

Sadé Lewis Interviews Her Uncle Astead Green About His Life

Sadé Lewis interviews her great uncle Astead Green where they talk about his life as a child and as an adult. The interview also discusses Green's time spent in the military, the years that he spent as a nurse, and...

George Rodon and Eduardo Fernandez-Crespi

George Rodon (72) and mentee Eduardo "Eddie" Fernandez-Crespi (39) share thoughts on family, Cuban heritage, how they first met, race relations in Cuba vs U.S. and their view on government systems.

Interview with Barbara McDaniel

This interview was talked about my grandfather and how he got to this country. My grandmother and how she got to this country and a little bit about my mom.

Charles Bruder and Doug Bruder

Brothers, Charles "Chuck" Bruder (87) and Doug Bruder (76), talk about Chuck's decision to enlist in the Navy in 1951. Topics include the LST-1168, VetsRoll, and family.

Jeannette Garcia-Amodeo (mom) interview part 2

This recording was a follow up to the previous recording due to some technical difficulties. My mom spoke about her faith and some events in life where she doubted it. She also gave advice to my great great grandchildren.

Interview with Julio Cardoso

My father and I discussed a lot about his childhood and his father who he has always looked up to. My father also shared his hopes and dreams for my sister and I.

Believing in Yourself in a World That Didn’t

Claudia Sherman interviews her mother, Dr. Leticia Toledo Sherman about her life as an immigrant and how she never doubted her ability to succeed in her field of chemistry.

The Great Listen ft Mom

Conversation with my mom about parents and her life growing up in Miami.

The Familia

We talked about their life in Cuba and what were the difficulties they faced.