Pierre Beuret and Natasha Rice

Natasha Rice [no age given] talks with her dad, Pierre Beuret [no age given], about his childhood in Switzerland, his career as a chef, and the many places he has traveled.

How has American culture shaped your family’s traditions?
November 26, 2022 App Interview

I [16, male] interview my father [51] about how American culture has shaped his family’s traditions.

Interviewing my mom

Today I interviewed my mom where she explained her past and what is going on now in her life.

Entrevista sobre mi mama
December 3, 2019 App Interview

Una entrevista sobre mi mama donde ella habla sobre su vida

Thanks giving interview

In this interview me and my partner talked about questions such as what her childhood was like, and what life was like back then for her.

Papa at medical school

This is a story of how my grandpa sneaked into his medical school building the night before his first day at school to see the cadaver sonhe wouldn’t throw up in front of his peers.

Grandaddy’s Story – November 26, 2017

During this interview, my grandfather and I discussed some of the major events that occurred in his life. We spent some time talking about his experience in Vietnam and the story of how he met his wife. Overall it was...

John F Kennedy assasination account by Gayle Fowlkes

A dive into one of the most shocking events in American history: the JFK assaination. Talking about the events, the lead up to the events, and Americans future afterwards by the account of a witness of the shooting.

Interview with Grandpa

We spoke about the assassination of President John F Kennedy. It was interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was alive at the time.

U.S. History Reasearch Project

An interview between (me) a 9th grader and (my) his Grandma about the JFK assassination.


Asked questions to a person who means a lot to me

John Gallagher and Thear Sy Suzuki

In 1981 an influx of Cambodian and Laotian refugee children landed in Dallas speaking no English. John Gallagher, a teacher at Fannin Elementary School in Dallas, decided he would do what he could to help the students and their families....

If these people would take five minutes to say hello and get to know me, this old queen’s got some pretty interesting things to say.

Part 2 of 2 (This interview contains strong language and brief descriptions of sexual acts.) From a young age, Randy Moulder was a victim of sexual abuse and exploitation by neighbors, family members, and his school principal. As a teen,...

Thanksgiving Project with Michael Vana and Erline Vana

We talked about how it was to grow up “back then” and how it effected them in that time. It was obvious that it was a whole different time period back in the mid 1900’s. We learned about school and...

Heather Kellehers childhood

My moms story of growing up in multiple places and fragmented relationships with family.

Susan Kraft and Michael Kraft

Susan Kraft (59) and her brother, Michael Kraft (62), share a conversation about their family history, their parents' relationship, and the love with which they were raised.

Kathianne Sellers Williams and Brian Williams

Dr. Brian H. Williams (50) talks with his wife Kathianne Sellers Williams (45) about the issue of race within the country and their own relationship, Brian's experience being the trauma surgeon on duty the night of the July 7th shooting...