Mary Beth Seefelt's Childhood

This is an interview with Mary Beth Seefelt, my spouse, as she reflects on her childhood.

Interview with Beatrice Walton’s grandma

In this interview I talked with my grandma about what her life was like. We discussed any regrets she might of had in life and what her childhood was like.

Faith: I didn’t want her, but I needed her.

At the age of 20, I was pregnant and determined to have an abortion, but my dad encouraged me to keep Faith. Ever since that choice, my life has been filled with a good love from the most authentic person...

Selia Rendon talks to her dad about his childhood, and career.

Selia interviews her dad about his childhood and career. Adrian Rendon is her dad, and he has a lot to say about his first experiences, and gives advise about relationships and careers.

Jo Ann Convery Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up. We also talked about general things that she experienced throughout her life.

To be kind, to be loving

A short interview with my mother Daphne Bailey and having her review her accomplishments, and her life in general

A Spanish teacher from Missouri remembers the 50’s and 60’s

My interview summary: I interview my grandma about living in the 50's and 60's. She talks about her childhood, and what it was like in high school during a time of racial tension. She talks about taking a group of...

Heathers memory about 9/11
November 26, 2017 App Interview

I asked my co worker heather about an important event In her life time and she started talking about how she experienced September 11 of 2001

Chris Perrin

Dialogue of Chris parent the head men's basketball athletic trainer at the University of Detroit Mercy just getting a little feel for his day in his career and what he wants to get out of life

The great thanksgiving listen

An interview of my mom and questions about her life and her faith.

Thelma E. Robinson-Bloesing, age 101, as a young adult and running a trucking company in the 1940’s as a woman. (Part 2)

Thelma shared the story of her first marriage, the start of their trucking company, her divorce and eventual sale of her trucking company, her trip to California and the accident that resulted in the unexpected death of her father.

Hormoz comes to America

A short interview with my dad about his immigration to the US in the late 50’s and his time living in Detroit during the 1967 riots

The Candy Man

A conversation about selling candy on a street corner to make a living. A story of joyful living in all circumstances.

An interview with JoAnna Daennrich.

This interview took place on the 1st of December in Annapolis, MD. The participants in the interview consisted of Nick Hulme and JoAnna Daemrich. We talked a lot about her middle school and high school years. She mentioned that she...

The Story of Us: DCP-HW Year 1

We shared the experiences we had during the first year of a brand new school, Distinctive College Prep: Harper Woods.

Maria Welborne: Satisfied not Proud

Maria Welborne discusses her childhood, career, and approach to motherhood with her daughter.

Listening to the life of my Mother

Hearing about Detroit from the 50s through the 70s from a woman who grew up on Saint Mary’s Avenue in Detroit and how things have changed since then. She also gives us a glimpse into her own personal life and...