Hank Hood- How To Find a Bee Tree
September 16, 2022 App Interview

Lilly Foster (19) interviews her grandfather Hank Hood (82) in his home. Hank talks about his parents Alice Mariette Brown and Melville Sidney Hood, discussing what they taught him. He also talks about his great uncle Claire Brown who showed...

Interviewing my best friend Kayla McCuen

This was an interview assignment for an English class at the University of Detroit Mercy. In this interview we talked about everything from the future, to past memories, to our friendship.

Karl Boehmke and Jennifer Hudson

Karl Boehmke (73) speaks to his daughter Jennifer Hudson (45) about his experiences growing up and his perspective on the sociopolitical changes he has lived through.

Tuberculosis to COVID: Public Health in one woman’s lifetime

Interview with Patricia Harkaway (age 93) about communicable diseases (tuberculosis, polio, and COVID) in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Dale Boesky, Jennifer Glass, and Sara Glass

Dale Boesky (85) talks to his daughter Sara Glass (58) and his granddaughter Jennifer Glass (31) about his childhood, his young adulthood, and his career in psychoanalysis.

Patricia Williams and Jasmine Barnes

Patricia Williams (56) and her daughter, Jasmine Barnes (23), talk about the three generations of resilience in their family, starting with Patricia's mother and Jasmine's grandmother, Bessie, and the strengths each generation gained from the one before.

The Mission of A Jesuit University-University of Detroit Mercy-Detroit, Michigan

The mission of a Jesuit university, and how we view the city of Detroit at University of Detroit Mercy

From Mississippi to Michigan

Sarah speaks about her childhood and how her environment and upbringing helped her to face some of the most difficult moments in her life.

Sariyah’s interview

My grandfather and I talked about his past including his childhood, his family, and his favorite memories.

Kris Gibbons interviews her Grandmother about growing up in the 1960’s.

Kris Gibbons (19), a student at Eastern Michigan University, interviews her stepfather’s mother, Cindy Reed (75). Mrs. Reed talks about graduating high school in 1964 and working in a new industry- computers. She also discusses how growing up in several...

Question’s for Grandparents

Jaden iterveiwing his grandparents WITH THEIR PERMISSION. And finding out things that weren’t known before.

Mom’s life
November 27, 2017 App Interview

From growing up in Detroit to moving all the way to Boston for college, my mom shares a much different childhood than what today’s typical story would look like.

St John’s Detroit Riverview Hospital
March 31, 2022 App Interview

Two friends who did Internal Medicine residency together in Detroit Michigan sharing memories

APUSH Oral History Project – Jaden Aranda

My Grandma Pat talked about her life and what major events took place during her life.

Raquel Interview

Raquel touches on some personal topics

Interview with my mom

We discussed my heritage and my mother’s childhood. We talked about my father’s family heritage as well.