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Carol-Ann Greenslade Shares Stories of her work in local politics from New Jersey to North Carolina.

Carol-Ann Greenslade became involved in local politics “by accident” in the late 1960s when she and her husband lived in Flemington, N.J. For FearringtonStoryCorps, she described her civic contributions from New Jersey through to North Carolina. Soon after she and...

The Great Thanksgiving 2020

Today, 11/27/20, I decided to interview my sister Leah. This is the interview that took place.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Mom

I interviewed my mother about her past and her intentions for her kids in the future.

Judy Anderson Interview
December 29, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in December of 2018 in Flemington, New Jersey, Jillian Taylor (15) interviews her Nana Judy Anderson (77) about her life and how she hopes to be remembered. Judy Anderson shares stories from her childhood and describes...

Interviewing my Aunt Julia Nowak

During new years I interview my aunt that is a polish immigrant. She is not the best at english but she tried her hardest.

Thanksgiving listen
November 24, 2018 App Interview

I asked questions about her family and what it was like for her growing up. What her school life was like, and things of that nature. I also asked questions about family history, like our family traditions and holidays.

Interview with my mother

Chase Hansen (14) and his mother Susan Hansen (46) have a conversation about life, happiness, and the importance of family.

Interview with Mom-Mom

Interview with my grandma about childhood and family life.

Interviewing Grandmama about Her Life and Experiences

Interviewing Grandmama (Mary Jane Tyler) about her life, family, relationship with God, and what she would like her legacy to be while making pizzelles on Christmas Eve before midnight mass.