Oral history interview

Learning about my mother’s past and how she became the woman she is today

Daniela Luna and Ana Granados

Ana Granados (72) talks with her great niece, Daniela Luna (15) about Thanksgiving and her life experiences.

Let’s Talk About Your Passion: The Marine Corp

I sat down with my 16 year brother to talk his passion for the Marine Corp and what he looks forward to in the future as a Marine Corp Recruit.

Jennifer De Los Santos

Jennifer De Los Santos gives some amazing life lessons and talks about how her past has shaped into who she is today.

Marilyn Sapsford Oral History Part Ii

Marilyn shared her perspective on her life and what her family means to her.

Grandpa sicilian,we miss you!

we talked about how my dads dad was in life and how it would bring memories back

Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my grandfather talked about his life, what he took from his service, and how his upbringing, and the people around him has changed him, and how he has unto them.

Thomas “too much”

Thomas shares stories about his childhood and his war service.

Mom tells me about her experiences with my family

Mom talks about her life as a stay at home mom and how she ended up there, why she chose to be at home with me and my brother, and how our family has impacted her.

Stacy Carey and Jack Carey interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Mostly talked about past experiences and lessons learned as well as valued family members.

Interview with my mom

For this assignment I interviewed my mom and learned about her past. I know more about her now then I did before.


COVID-19, the impact it has on certain people

Deb Bussinger and Ruth McIntyre-Williams discuss living and writing in 2020.

Deb Bussinger: 2020-11-05 19:21:12 and Ruth McIntyre-Williams discuss living in the year 2020. Deb works at the Leesburg (Florida) Public Library and Ruth is an author. The library's annual Literary Arts Festival was canceled this year due to the COVID-19...