Waltraud Kuerschner-Burton and Ariana Kramer

Waltraud Ilse Kuerschner-Burton, "Wally" (70) tells her daughter Ariana Kramer (41) about her childhood in Darmstadt, Germany during World War II and immigrating to the United States as a child.

Interview of Otto Alfon Zipf

Ininterviewed my grandfather about his time as being the son of an immigrant, and working in the military.

Keithley Wilkins and Joan Allen

Keithley Wilkins (64) shares a conversation with his wife, Joan Allen (62), about the boy, Herbert, who his mother and father adopted and the relationship they have all had throughout the years.

Robin Schmidt – German traveling to America

German soccer player gets an opportunity to play collegiate soccer at D1 university of New Hampshire. Find out why he wanted to come overseas

Mom's childhood in pre-WWII Germany

This interview describes Mom's childhood years growing up in pre-WWII Schwabmünchen, Germany.

Interview with Craig McPhie

In this interview, in November 2018, Craig McPhie shares stories and talks about his childhood and family including his father who flew planes during WWII. He also talks about his school, an inspiring biology teacher, and his interests in science...

Interview with my mom in our livingroom in Flint, MI.

During this interview I discussed with my mother about our ancestors, and her grandparents, as well as some of her teenage memories and life lessons she has learned.

Sadie’s Dad’s Side Family History

This interview is a story of my father’s side of his family. The interview includes stories of immigration and what life was like.

Karen Schnur and Renate Benjamins

Karen Schnur (55) interviews her aunt Renate Benjamins (90) about Renate's early life as a child during World War II in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland), and Renate's eventual immigration to the United States in the 1950s.

Fred Allen-Vietnam war

His name is fred Allen and he served in many different places including Cambodia and Vietnam

Robert Moore, Sylvia Moore, and David Moore

David Moore (95) shares his stories from serving in World War II with his son Robert "Bob" Moore (62) and his daughter-in-law Sylvia Moore (60).

The Life of Jim

We talked about his childhood and his military past, as well as a few parts inbetween.

My Neighbor Ms.Heidi
January 24, 2022 App Interview

A little old lady shares memories of World War 2, immigration, her 50+ years in Eagan Minnesota, and the importance of friendship.

Sarah asking her dad about his childhood in Germany

This is me interviewing my dad about his childhood and how it was like since he traveled a lot while my grandfather was in the military.

Interview with Opa
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We had a good talk together and laughed and talked about him as a child my dad as a child and about my opa's military life as well. Opa is German for "grandad." My dad was born in Germany when...