Mirando al pasado de una Mujer Mexicana

Entrevista a Karla López me ha enseñado vida especial y de sus pasados como presenta la vida ahora como ha cambiado su punto de vista sobre la vida

Andrea y Mamá Rosa

We talked about my grandma’s childhood and life when she was working

A daughter & her father

In this interview, conducted in April 21 2020 in Anaheim, California, Michelle Torres interviews her father Miguel Torres about his childhood, his family and how he came into this country illegally. Miguel shared stories about moments with his mother changing...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This conversation is in spanish. Important topics were discused such as the Mexico City, 8.0 magnitude, earthquake that occurred on September 19, 1985. Also the Gasoline Explosions that occurred in Guadalajara, Jalisco on April 22, 1992. Along with the first...

My dad #mbhsstories

My dad explained how his childhood and family have to do with the person that he is today.

Una Entrevista con Steve

Esta entrevista se grabó como parte de un proyecto para Honores Españoles 218 en la Universidad de Tennessee Knoxville. Entrevisté a un hombre llamado Steve, un inmigrante de Guadalajara, México. Lo conocí una vez antes de esto para una entrevista...

Gissell Flores and her aunt Gabriela Pinedo talk about life lessons.

In this interview, Gissell Flores and her aunt, Gabriela Pinedo, talk about some of the lessons life has taught them. Her aunt shares a profound religious experience she had with her younger child, Jacob. She gives teenagers an advice that...

My Mom, Ruth

My moms tells me about her childhood in Guadalajara, Mexico, her grandma, and her biggest regrets.

Mi mujer maravilla

Explains about her childhood & her best memories. The loved ones she lost & misses.

My grandpa/Jose Plascencia story

In this interview my grandpa talks about his life as a child and his family. He will be speaking in English and Spanish.

Rodrigo Banuelos story

Rodrigo Bañuelos (my grandpa) tells me about his life growing up. Taking care of his family at the young age of 10. Then building a career as an engineer in electronics.

Susana Pinal and Jenny St. Onge

One Small Step partners Susana "Suzzy" Pinal (47) and Jenny St. Onge (51) talk about their views on abortion, their experiences moving to the United States from other countries, and US policy toward immigrants.

Recording – 12-01-2023 09:11:42

En esta entrevista estare platicando con dos de mis mejores amigos,sobre las cosas que les gustan ,de como puedo dejar de ser timido y como es nuestra amistad.

Beginning and Middle of Interview with Maria Davis

Can immigration ever be too easy? I talked with Maria Davis, who originally lived in Guadalajara, Mexico. She immigrated when she was 5 along with her family, moving to a cotton farm in Corsicana, Texas. Her parents thought that the...

Elizabeth Koslichka and Luisa Ramos

Amigas Elizabeth Koslichka (58) y Luisa Ramos (68) hablan de las personas más influyentes de sus vidas, comparten las historias de cómo conocieron a sus esposos, y piensan en cómo se gustaría ser recordadas. [Friends Elizabeth Koslichka (58) and Luisa...